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A liars fav tact when caught is to turn it around, blaming anyone but themselves for it.
I honestly don't know about honesty
There seems so many a kind
For some, it's the greatest challenge
To deceive another's mind

The justifications are it seems
All too many and varied
No matter what excuse is given
A relationship dead and buried

Depending which end of the deception
You may find yourself on
Is it better to be the one who's lied to?
Or the one about to be gone?

Lies are always found wanting
And liars remarkably lazy
Too difficult to remember the details
Enough to drive them crazy

If you don't ask questions
I promise to tell no lies
I'll be everything you ever wanted
Put up on a pedestal, in your own eyes

Just remember who put me up there
And who caused our inevitable fall
It's your questions that made me lie
And brought about our curtain call

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