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This is a preview of the first novel of a series I'm working on, called Legends of Kelgon.

Fate, it tangles and twists in ways you and I cannot imagine. This is my story. The one of my fate. Of how I became king of Cojuan-9. This, is the story of Kelgon.
Though, before I begin, you must first know how I came to be, how this world came to be. For, in order to understand the end, you must be familiar with The Beginning.

Where it all began

Once, there was a planet, known as Ircandon. In it were two realms. First, was the War Realm. It was a dreadful place, filled with misery and violence. There was no beauty to behold. The soil was black, the plants, either poisonous, explosive, predatory, or all of the above. The inhabitants, known as warriors, were even more deadly than their environment. They were a wicked, per versed, and a blood thirsty people. They were ruled by an abnormally large brute named Gladius Maximus. He was the most blood thirsty of them all, whose sole purpose was to conquer both realms.
The other half of the scale, was the Realm of Peace. It was the exact and complete opposite of the War Realm. It was full of beauty, peace, tranquillity and happiness and was a paradise to all who lived there. There was always the cheerful melodic chirp small, yet graceful, tree flutterers, or, what Niya describes as bird-like creatures. And the sweet fragrance of the brightly coloured plant reproductive organs, or as Niya calls them, beautiful blossoms blooming. The inhabitants were known as The People of Peace. Their king, Gaudeamus Igitur, was a fair and just man, whose sole purpose was to bring peace betwixt him and whomever he came across.

From the moment the two realms became aware of each other, King Igitur tried to convince Lord Maximus to agree to an alliance of peace amongst the two realms. Lord Maximus not only rejected the offer, he was deeply offended by it. “Know they nothing of tradition? Is he not aware of the importance of a legacy? How dare he try to change our tradition? And how dare he attempt to make an end to my reputation?!”
Outraged, he decided to wage war upon the People of Peace. That way, he would have both kingdoms, and he would have plenty of servants to serve him and his wives and his counsellors and their wives. And, since the People of Peace won’t fight, there will be no casualties, on his side.

Phase one was an easy success. He now had both kingdoms, servants and he killed Igitur. Though his new servants served happily, they would not bow, or fight. They bowed only to The Great Spirit. This frustrated him, but what truly bothered him, was Igitur’s last words. “One day, a boy child shall be conceived from parents of both realms, and he shall right your wrongs and restore peace to this world once more.” ‘How could this be?’ he thought to himself. ‘Surely there is a way to stop this, right?’ But he knew that he could not stop the prophesy from running its course. He could only dread the inevitable.

Demarons had passed with Lord Maximus as ruler. During that time, the People of Peace were no longer servants, but slaves. Lord Maximus had fathered many sons and daughters throughout this. His eldest and heir to the throne, was named Cryptor. He was an excellent strategist, he was very agile and swift, and had the ability to overpower his rivals with brute strength. he also often proved dominance over his younger siblings and had excellent leadership skills. But most of all, he seemed to enjoy making these metal monsters, which he called a technical advancement for all warriors. Over time, these machines became more and more advanced, and ore deadly. This worried maximus, for he thought they had minds of their own, but after Cryptor explained that they must have someone inside to control it, his uncertainty evolved to a demented satisfaction. he said that Cryptor was the son he always wanted.

Meanwhile, there was a small group of people who despised their new warlord and escaped from the king’s clutches. they came across a faraway forest that was located near the ruins of king Igitur’s castle. What was once a magnificent monument, and a beacon of hope and peace was now a pile of rubble and depressing debris. What was once home to the face of peace and love, was now desolation and despair and hopelessness. The beauty that once covered half of Ircandon, now just as horrid as the War Realm, except for a fairly big forest Where the rebels settled. Lord maximus hated that this forest so much that he had previously declared it forbidden ground. The only reason that he let it stand, was because it was the only remaining source of oxygen.

This small group consisted mostly of people of peace, but there were also about sixteen or so Warriors. The group of about fifty, called themselves the resistance. They were led by a warrior named Ceratrix the fearless, the best warrior that was not of royal blood.

He alone managed to fight the king and his guards off long enough to buy time for the rebels to escape. Sadly, his arm was injured badly during the battle. Only after the battle did he realise the his now wife, Dileys Igitur had slain most of the backup. Only once the danger had passed and they had settled into their new home, did Ceratrix and Dileys become one and had a baby boy. They named him Kelgon, which translated to “the voice of choice”.
They taught him that he must be willing to fight and die, if necessary, for peace and for the good people in their world. Their little boy was very different from the others. He was stronger, smarter and faster than all the rest. And when he got hurt, the injury never healed, and they had to take him to the healer. As time progressed, they noticed that it got increasingly harder for him to get hurt. The older he got, the harder less injuries he ended up getting, but his head was never as invulnerable though. Oh, and boy was he stubborn. He would never give in to peer pressure or to bullies. And although he was much stronger than any of the kids, he never abused his gifts, ever. Not only did his toughen, but he also became increasingly faster, stronger, smarter and more powerful. This was only the beginning though, for much more was yet to com. Now that you The Beginning of Ircandon, we can truly begin.
{1 Demaron= The amount of time required for their planet to orbit their star once. (1year 2months 8days in Earth time)}

Ircandon: Chapter 1

It was the fourth demorannual Forest Sports competition, and the boys were having a tree swinging race. Kelgon always loved the sport and, since he’d been practicing it so often, he was winning. The crowds are watching in astonishment as such a young boy is so far in the lead. Suddenly, Kelgon’s group was viciously attacked and without mercy. The warlord’s armies wasted no time in murdering The Resistance’s people. But the Resistance quickly started fighting back almost immediately though. They fought back with all their might and appeared to be winning, thanks to Kelgon’s father, Ceratrix. He was fighting with immense power, speed and strength, which seemed to be working, for the enemy looked as though they were retreating. To their disappointment, the armies weren’t retreating at all, they were just making way for none other than Lord Maximus. Stuck with terror, they tried to get their women to safety, but it was all in vain.

With one wave of his hand, Lord Maximus shot a devastating wave of some kind of dark beam of mist at an oncoming group of rebels, leaving only their which then turned black by the irrevocable corruption of the dark energy, which then turned to dust and became one with the wind. He gave a sick and twisted grin at Ceratrix, showing his abnormally sharp teeth and gazing at him with his reptilian eyes, showing hints of insanity. This seven foot tall (about two point one metres) hulking brute wore thick Crimson iron armer, a very hard, very, very heavy metal used by the best of the best as the strenuous training method, which is made to create a Herculean build and the strength to take on a giant, but very few can handle it, so many have died trying. Cryptor had made some metal monsters that dug just deep enough to get to the ore.

”CERATRIX! THOU ART A FOOL FOR BELIEVING THOU COULDST ESCAPE MY WRATH! PREPARE TO PERISH BY THE SWORD!!!” He bellowed. Then he removed his armer. One by one, each piece dropped to the ground heavily, bigger pieces causing the earth to shake as they landed. Each piece penetrated the ground as though they were big boulders. He looked back at Ceratrix, grinned sinisterly at the thought of killing someone he had been looking for so long. “THERE, NOW NEITHER OF US NEED TO HOLD BACK. AND AFTER I HAVE DESTROYED THEE, I SHALL DESTROY EVERYONE THOU FINDEST DEAR! THE REMAINING FEW SHALL BECOME SERVANTS UNTO ME, AND THE CHILDREN I SHALL TRAIN ALL THEIR DAYS TO BECOME NOTHING MORE THAN GLADIATORS. THE JOYS OF BEING THE VERY FACE OF EVIL. AND THAT’S JUST THE BEGINNING. THEN, I SHALL—” “You D-A-R-E!!!!!”

Ceratrix shouted as he interrupted furiously. “You D-A-R-E!!!!” He repeated, even more so.
His sword was engulphed in a bright blue flame as he charged at Maximus like a bolt of lightning. He struck Lord Maximus’ sword. Ceratrix jumped back just in time to dodge Maximus’ stab with his claw like nails, which he quickly followed by a punch, covered with Dark energy. He gave Ceratrix no time to recover from his jump, and it struck him through a tree like hot knife through butter. Maximus walked to Ceratrix, as if he had all the time in the world. He wanted to savor this long sought-after moment, as he always relished a good chance at revenge, to kill Ceratrix slowly.

Ceratrix had just enough time to generate all of his Blue energy once more into his sword. He waited for Maximus to be just out of reach, and then he stabbed into the ground to the direction of his opponent, causing a wave of Blue energy to shoot toward Maximus. He gave it all his strength, and the blast not only struck Maximus, but it also flowed carnage into the foe’s armies, quickly eradicating everything in its path. The blast then shrunk and became more concentrated. It lasted a few feebino’s (pronounced: fee-bee-no-s), until Ceratrix had run out of energy, and it started to fade at an ever-increasing rate.

But to his disappointment, and worst fear, Maximus had easily manged to block it. “But how?” Ceratrix said in an exhausted voice. Maximus continued walking until he reached Ceratrix. He picked him up by the neck and said in a deep growling voice, “BECAUSE I CAN.” Then he stabbed Ceratrix with his claws, piercing deeper and deeper into his chest, and pulled out his heart, careful not to disconnect it from the rest of the body and cause Ceratrix to die instantly. He then squeezed it, piercing the tips of his claws in it. The heart started turning black, followed by the rest of the veins, corrupting his every cell. And just like the first attacking soldiers, Ceratrix turned black and blew away with the wind. “OH, HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN,” He said with a grin.

He turned around and, as he walked away, he said, “MEN, TAKE THE WOMEN AND THE CHILDREN! KILL THE REST!” His armies charged, leaving blood and carnage where as their trail. Scared by the sight of his father being murdered, followed by everyone else, he started to lose consciousness. Just before he blacked out, he saw one of the soldiers reaching out for him, and then being attacked by some shadowy figure. He heard the mysterious person talk, but could not hear what was being said. All he heard was the voice of a girl, and then, nothing.
{1 Feebino=the equivalent of 1 earth minute}

Chapter 2

“Yo, dude. You’re awake,” an unfamiliar voice said. “Who are you? And, where am I?” Kelgon asked, half asleep, which amplified the perplexity on his face. “Me? Oh, sorry bro, forgot about that little detail. I am Aaronisuch, a.k.a. Aaron. And you’re in the caverns of the Panthera Leo-sapiens, or as I like to call us, the ‘Mane’ dudes.” He said, laughing at his banal joke. Aaron had a similar look to the shadowy figure, but had a more masculine voice. He was well-nigh a demaron older and a foot (30,48cm) taller than ten demaron old, 4.5 foot (137.16cm) tall Kelgon.

“Oh, dude, Harumi wants to see ya. I can show you around on our way to her, if you want. By the way, I didn’t catch your name,” Aaron said. “Oh, my name’s Kelgon,” he replied. “The Kelgon! Say whaa—” “Well, I am a Kelgon.” “Dude, no one else would dare to name their children Kelgon, in fear that their child might be mistaken for the chosen one and end up having their family hunted down,” Aaron replied in amazement. “Well, my father, Ceratrix the Fearless isn’t exactly known for fearing anything,” Kelgon replied, but before he could say anything else, he was interrupted as his body decided to give a big yawn and a stretch the moment he got onto his feet. “Wait, your old man is Ceratrix the Fearless! Bro, that guy’s a legend. That’s official, you’re definitely the Kelgon! The chosen one. Okay, I’m not gonna say anymore, because I get the strange feeling that you’ll be hearing about it pretty soon,” Aaron said. “I guess I am the Kelgon. Wait, did you say chosen one?” he replied. “Yippee-doodle-doo,” a beat, “Exacteroono,” “Ha! Nice one then.” Kelgon said, thinking it was a joke. ‘He doesn’t know’ Aaron thought to himself. ‘Well, he’ll find out soon.’

They’d just exited what is known as their Healing room, which had these crystals inside that seemed to be rather rejuvenating for different parts of the body when he touched them, depending on what was put beside your bed. Kelgon closed the door, and the moment he turned around, he gasped in amazement. It was a cavern of Brobdingnagian proportions, lit up with bioluminescent stalactites of these blue crystals hanging beautifully from the cavern ceiling at least a hundred and nine yards (100 metres) from the cavern floor in huge clusters.

There were hundreds, maybe even thousands of Pantherans going about their day, as if there was no evil in the world. There were huts for as far as he could see. And there were children playing games with one another. In the centre of this vivacious, vast and magnificent cavern system stood a large building. There was a path leading to the entrance of the building, decked with railings made from the same crystals that hanged from the cavern ceiling. The stairs at the entrance was made of the crystals. There was a large wall that surrounded the building, once again decked with those blue crystals. “What’s with all the blue crystals?” Kelgon asked. “No idea, Bro-ham. All I know is at graduation time, you must, like, do this hardcore test thing, and the best of the best get to go in. A few years later, they come out stronger, some look totally jacked compared to before they went in. Anyway, I heard your father died. If you wanna talk about it, I’m there for ya, dude.” “No thanks, it’s cool.” He said, but inside, he was being torn apart. Seeing Kelgon’s suddenly expressionless face, he said: “Dude, I’m so sorry man. I really didn’t mean to open up any wounds further.” He said, wishing he’d never said a word. Aaron felt like a jerk as he realised what he’d just said. “It’s fine,” Kelgon replied, numbed by the pain.

He saw every little detail of how his parents were killed, as well as the rest of his family, friends and others who were killed, captured and taken in the most malicious way possible. The best soldiers were turned to dust in an instant. His mother was beaten unconscious and dragged away with everyone else. His father, was not only killed viciously, but was defeated with ease. The strongest and most important person in his life vanished in an instant. It made him feel like he was made to be tormented by a relentless and unstoppable monster. He felt numb but at the same time, he was in agony on a level he never knew existed. He felt so weak, scared and as though he was about to be attacked at any second. He felt so much pain and sorrow, that he couldn’t even cry, or even talk.

Aaron continued to talk about the places they were going by to try and take Kelgon’s mind off the memories, but Kelgon was so caught up in his memories, that he was no longer listening. A short while later, they arrived at their destination. Kelgon was pulled from his vivid memories, when Aaron came to a complete halt. “Here we are bro-ham, Corry’s hut,” Aaron said, “Knock on the door little dude. I gotta get ready for school.” Kelgon managed to give a polite nod. “Bye bro!” Aaron said. Kelgon gave a smile, not real one, but a smile nonetheless. ‘Well, here we go,’ he said to himself. With that, he knocked on the door…

Earth: Chapter 1

“But general, if it is a success, we’ll be able to guarantee the survival of cancer patients and people that’re suffering from the latest pandemic and many more to come, and it will also cure all the other diseases. And injuries will heal within a day. It will even help with the for limb and organ regrowth,” Niya pleaded, her deep blue eyes sparkling with intelligence. Her pitch-black hair was glimmering as it reflected the sunlight raining into the office of her father and general, warming her skin. Her long hair lay on her shoulder, almost blending in with her black suit jacket that went over her neat, white button shirt. She was dressed in a formal business suit, and a modest black skirt and black Stilettos. a huge determination to help the world. Niya was a biogenetic scientist, but was also excellent at astronomy and was well trained with most forms of martial arts, always hated the thought of people dying too soon, of parents losing a child before the child even gets to adulthood, all because of an illness or an injury, like her brother did. She also feared that her mother wouldn’t make it through the new pandemic about a year prior to her breakthrough in 2134.

“I’m sorry Niya, but there are people who’ll go nuts about this thing. And that’s if it does work. You’ll be considered a murderer if this fails,” General Montgomery replied. “And what if, generations later, the serum can’t be made anymore, or the people become immune to it? If you want life to thrive, you’ll need to give it sustenance, in other words food and water, followed by pure (natural) light, and adversity. If it isn’t challenged by adversity, it will grow weak, and when adversity does strike, it will die,” He continued. “Well, if it works, the chances of it being hereditary are tremendous, and with all due respect sir, you know I wouldn’t come here if I wasn’t absolutely certain that it would work.” Niya explained.

“No, if the body was meant to heal itself up to such an extent” he said. Then with a sigh, he said: “Look, I promised your mother that I would keep you safe. The last thing I want is to make my daughter either a criminal, or one of those scientists that have to be kept in this secret facility for your safety.” There was a short silence, then Niya replied; “Yes, sir. Permission to go, sir?” “Permission granted, and will it kill you to call me dad?” “Sorry, sir.” And with that, she left, climbed into her car, and used the autopilot to drive her home with the shortest possible route, while she read through her formula, just to be absolutely certain that it was ready. She wouldn’t, couldn’t just let this revolutionary discovery pass her by.

While she was checking up on her work, someone had been busy following her, but she was too caught up to remember to stay alert. Once her car drove itself in through the I.C.A-number plate scanning garage door, she would then go to her lab, where she’d prepare the serum. She was now ignoring the car, thinking it stopped on the other side of the road to visit the across the road neighbour, which happened often. She climbed out the car and opened the door leading to the passage. “Welcome back, Niya. Get that permission you were looking for?” “No, sadly not, Harumi. My dad’s too worried of something that can’t happen. He’s worried that someone could die. I made sure that it’s nonlethal, well, nonlethal enough for the top military guys to survive it anyway. It conveniently also means that they’ll have to earn their right to regeneration, but there is a less lethal, but a bit more temporary one, meant merely for about three lethal injuries and/or immune deficiencies and attacks.” Niya replied. “Your father just wants to keep you safe. There are people out there that will go to great lengths to ensure that other people don’t get this, while their country thrives and takes over. Then, they’ll kill you to ensure that no one else gets it.” Harumi explained patiently.

Harumi’s consciousness was transferred into the house’s AI, while her body was being preserved in a preservation pod. She’s the mind and soul of her best friend. But her friend’s body grew ill, so her consciousness was put into a computer that connected to her body which had to be frozen to preserve it before she died. She was also plagued with this new pandemic that somehow kept modifying its genetic code, insuring its survival. Thus, causing it to have no cure. Every time they made one, it changed its genetic code even more drastically than usual. It was as though every cell was connected somehow.

“True, but he may be taking it a bit too far. I mean, He connected my best friend’s consciousness to a military grade fortress, equipped with defence drones, that predict your next move like a fricking chess game in which you just can’t win.” “oh, and don’t forget the chef-o-tron, and those maintenance drones.” “Ya, how could I forget those. Not that they have anything to do with what I was talking about, but they do need to be more appreciated more.” Niya said. She had already entered her lab and finished preparing the serum, and held it in the light to look at the serum’s colour. It glowed with a bright white glow to it, but had a mint green glow to it.

She took an injection and extracted about half of the regeneration serum, and carefully injected it into her left arm’s artery, the one the blood donors would usually have used before the pandemic started. Somehow, once the blood left the body, the virus somehow made it into whatever container they tried to hold it in, and contaminated it, making it just another breeding ground for the virus. ‘Now to apply the gasses,’ she thought to herself. The gasses consisted of- Hey! You can’t just go about telling them. You promised not to tell!

Right, my bad. Sorry about that, that was just the voice in the narrator’s head. After all, the world isn’t ready for that kind of information. I mean in my head, argh, you know what I mean, you young people are a smart lot. Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, she was about to let out the gas. It consisted of classified ingredients. Niya took out what looked like an inhaler that people with asthma used. It was connected to two bottles of classified gas via a pipe. She inhaled a lung full and waited for the gas to enter her system. She knew that it had fully entered her system when she felt completely numb. “Right, now to complete the serum,” Niya said, trying to ignore what is about to happen.

“Wait, what was that serum and those gasses for then,” Harumi said with a worried her voice, as well as her curiosity. “The serum, but it’s dormant. The gasses work together to numb the body. It works so well, that if you were to fall off a building at a hight just high enough for you to survive, and then somehow crush your everything bone straight after that, it would feel similar to a pat on the back. It’s to make sure that I don’t run the risk of literally dying from the pain I’m about to feel. The also cancel each other’s side-effects out. You see, the following serum will agitate the regeneration serum, causing it to attack the nearest cells, causing a regenerating replica to grow from within each individual cell, which will then end up making the original cell be popped and then absorbed.” Niya explained. “Wait, so you’ll kill yourself, while you heal yourself?” Harumi asked in worry. “Yip. Well, something like that anyway.” She said whilst taking out the aggravation serum out, along with the injection she had to use.

This serum looked exactly the same as water. She put it in a slot on an old table, and took out a blue crystal and inserted it into a special gun. “This is a Caeruleum crystal. The only remaining one on Earth, well, it actually comes from the Moon, on the dark side. Remember that woman that injected your body with that pandemic? That’s where I found the crystal. When placed on this gun, the gun will extract this unimaginably powerful energy source, and combined with my serum, it will become the cure to every known illness.” Niya said. “Wait, stole it from The Woman!!” Harumi said astonished. “Nope, I borrowed it. She can have it when I’m done extracting the energy from it. Then you can shoot it that car that’s waiting outside.” “Sounds good to me.” “Now, without further ado,” Niya said imitating the people from those game shows, holding up the serum, for Harumi to see. She shot the agitation serum. The blast completely incinerated the old table and the serum absorbed all of the energy of the crystal, turning it blue, and the crystal lost all color. She picked the serum up, and removed half of its contents with an injection. “Wait, you’re gonna stick that thing in your arm!” Harumi exclaimed in alarm. “Yip” Niya replied, examining the injection.

Then, she stuck the 3inch (±7.5cm) needle into her arm, careful to pierce as few veins as possible, but still ensuring she pierced at least one. It slid slowly, but smoothly, deeper into her arm until it hit the bone. “Now, to turn on the drill.” Niya said, as she quickly pushed a button to turn on the drill. The drill started whirring loudly, even though the sound was being muffled under her flesh. The drill’s vibration spreading from her numb fore arm all the way throughout her body.
“How about now?” One of the men in the car said excitedly, sitting next to the driver. “No!” the driver replied in annoyance. “We need to wait until she’s done and hopefully by then, little girls behind us will be finished with preparing sissy way to let the real men get in.” He continued. “You can’t rush genius,” one of the hackers replied absent minded. “Whatever,” The driver said impatiently. “Just do your thing.” The driver said. They were all wearing black suites, ties,
shoes white button shirts, as well as black sunglasses.

Niya kept drilling until she heard a “Beep!” from the syringe. The beep meant the indication that the three slits on the needle were perfectly aligned with the three levels of her body. First, was the skin, second, was the muscle, third was the bone. And the tip of the needle had to pierce a vein, to ensure that it gets to her organs and brain. She immediately pushed two buttons. The first one was to turn off the drill, the second, was to open the slits. Then, she pulled the trigger to shoot the serum into her body as fast as possible. She quickly pulled the needle out of her arm, before the pain started. The serum took immediate effect. It caused a chain reaction of killing and replacing cells, the replacements consuming the cells shortly prior to their extermination. And the further it got, the further it spread. Within a matter of seconds, her entire body felt as though it was being peeled, but with all the layers at once.
“Just remember. If you die, your dad will kill you,” Harumi said, trying in vain to lighten up the mood, even though she knew she would receive no reply. Niya lay on the floor, writhing in agonizing pain. Then, the world around her turned black, and Harumi’s voice sounded like it came from the other side of a very long chasm, her voice echoing softly in her ears. But before it went fully black around her, she felt Harumi’s digitally transferred consciousness picking Niya’s weak limp body up with robotic octopus-like tentacles, and then, nothing…

“Ha! It’s done. You guys done hacking yet?” asked the rough, deep voice of the driver, his face baring a look of excitement. “Yip.” One of the hackers said, clearly pleased by what he’d just accomplished. “Are Brainiac’s done with hacking yet?” The big brute in the passenger seat said impatiently in German. “If they’re done breaking those codes yet, I’m going to break their spines.” He continued. “They just finish sir!” The driver replied in German, suddenly sitting straighter than a ruler, as if he was a soldier in the midst of a terrifying general, that would kill him at any time, which, he was (this being a very euphemistic description.

The driver was rather big. 6 feet tall, and packed with muscle, so much so, that he was almost too big to drive the car. The man on his right, Dimitri the devastator, made the driver look like a dwarf. He hardly fitted in the car, and was too big to drive, even if he wasn’t, he would put a hole right through the car without even trying when stepping on the peddles. This man would put goliath to shame, or at least be his equal. This was the very reason why he was the boss’ representative, with only Jack .

“Then why the hell are we still in her? Get out you miserable rat!” he said with his very deep, very rough voice, sounding as though he gargled with molten glass. They all scrambled out of the car. All of them, except Dimitry. He was just too big. Eventually, he got annoyed and ripped the door out with a punch. He got out, but bent the door frame upwards beyond repair as he did so. He grunted in annoyance. “Useless pile of scrap!” He said with irritation.

“Tell them,” Dimitri said in German, “Sieh lebendig aus, meine Damen. Es ist Zeit anzugreifen!” He continued, his voice as though . “Look alive ladies,” the driver translated. “It’s time to attack!” He finished, with his half Cockney accent.
Security systems compromised. Protocol: Early worm prepared. Requesting final confirmation.” . ’s security system said with a monotone voice. “Confirmation granted,” said a recording of Niya’s voice. “Activating protocol: Early worm.” The house then began to transform into a Spaceship.

“What the hell?!” The driver shouted, first in surprise, his surprise quickly turned to anger. He turned to the hackers; his face was glowing red with rage. “You said you finished it.” His tone was accusatory. “But sir, you said, ‘Deactivate the security systems,” the leading hacker said calmly, with a snooty tone in his voice, “That’s no security system. That looks like a crazy UFO man. I mean” he quickly said, trying to hide the weirdness of his response. “an escape protocol,” he corrected.

“Connecting to all Earth space telescopes.” The monotone voice of Corry said. “Checking data.” A beat. “Scanning all exo-planets for life” another beat. “Scan complete.” “Bingo.” Corry said. “An exo-planet, roughly two hundred and four light years away, with an atmosphere and liquid water, and gravity that’s a bit stronger than Earth’s. No time to make sure that there is life, but it’s our best bet.” Corry finished, having already launched the house ship into the stratosphere. “Preparing light speed travel,” She said, still in her monotone voice. “But first, deleting all traces regarding protocol on Earths databases.”
“Screw it, I’m going to bed. Tell the boss we blew the house up or something man.” The driver said miserably. “Boss is gonna kill us.”

Space: Chapter 1

“Niya,” Corry called a few days later, or, whatever qualified for a day in space. “Huh?-Whaa-where?” Niya said in a haze, as she was woken by Corry from her slumber. “You lost consciousness during your transition, so I deployed the Nurse bot to wake you. While you were unconscious, we there was an attempted infiltration, and our system was being compromised, rendering all defence protocols useless. This left me with no choice but to activate the escape protocol. Those people wanted to take you to her.” Corry explained, her last sentence ending grimly. “Her?” Niya asked in surprise. “Her.” Corry confirmed. “Well, in that case, thanks Corry.” She said, but then, she looked confused. “Escape protocol? Where did we escape to?” she said suspiciously. “We’re in the cloud nebula.” Corry replied, trying to keep her tone as though she were informing her about the weather forecast for the following day. Niya felt like slapping throwing her notebook at the holographic digitised conscience of her best friend, but maintained composure and said, “Why are we leaving the only known planet with life?” Niya sighed.

“It isn’t, I’ve found another planet with life. I managed to temporarily install my Space Age Satellite Enhancement Program, a.k.a SASEP, which enables all the satellites to connect to one another, and then begin using an enhanced and 80% accurate algorithm that can locate a planet with life, and then ensure it is habitable for humans.” Corry expertly explained. “Well, you always did have a ‘solar flare’ for astronomy and technology” Niya replied, accepting the irrevocable circumstance she was in.

“How far is our destination?” Niya asked. “Two hundred and four lightyears, But I can make sure we get there in about a week. Since your serum worked, otherwise you’d be dead, I can put you into cryosleep without you dying a slow, but painless death. While in cryosleep, we can teleport halfway, but we’ll have to recharge our Long-Distance Teleportation Engine Battery Kinetic Charger, and then we can travel at black hole speed, so that we can also escape any possible black holes outer edge of the event horizon, and obviously get to the destination faster. After a few hours, we’ll be able to Teleport the rest of the way. As we orbit the planet, I’ll wake you and you can eat and drink. When you’re ready, we can enter the atmosphere and land. Deal?”

“Sure, but before we do so, we need to be absolutely certain about whether the serum worked or not.” Niya replied. Corry’s holographic face broke into a wide mischievous grin. “Are you ready though?” “Not yet. Need to get the twins and we can-” Just then all the security drones deployed followed in short pursuit the training drones, leaving the Repair drone and the Nurse bot in wait to clean up the mess. “Good. If you’re not ready, you can get injured, so we can see if it heals quickly. And, as you can see, the security protocols are ready once more.” Niya stood still, feet rooted to the floor, ready to leap into action…
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