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This is a short story of an archaeologist but the information on Inca is true!
Kevin Simpson is an Anglo Indian from India. He lives in Kerala. He is an archeologist from a university in Kerala. He has been studying Inca Empire for a long time. He had come to know that this is largest empire in the pre-Columbian America. There has been administrative and political center of this empire. It has been found in Cusco city. He had been publishing research papers on Inca civilization. He worked on different historical aspects of Peru of 13th century. He had been studying the conquest of Spain since 1572.

Kevin writes diary about his archeological discoveries. In his diary, he had written a lot of important facts. He is going to attend a seminar on archeology of inca empire at university of Kerala and in that seminar, he started talking in this way:

“Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! It is interesting to note that from 1438 to 1533, Incas added an important portion of the western South America. It had been associated with the Andes. They went through conquest along with peaceful assimilation. There has been an conglomeration of Peru, Western Ecuador, Bolivia , south central and western part, northwestern part of Argentina, Chile, southwesternmost end of Columbia. Quechua is the official language.

There are different types of worship which survived in this empire, majority of them are related to sacred Huacas. There is a leadership system of Inca. It had motivated the worship of the sun. and the name is Inti. There are cults like Pachamama. Sapa Inca is the king of Inca. This meant "son of the sun.

There are unusual aspects of Inca Empire and there is deficiency of the features related with the Old world civilization Gordon McEwan was an anthropologist who had worked on this project.

The empire has a large number of languages and it is a great on the basis of linguistics. Thre are valuable languages and you will find Aymara, Quechua, Mochica, and Puquina. They are the languages of Central Andes. There is Altiplano, south Peruvian coast or Kuntisuyu. There is an area of northern Peruvian coast known as Chinchasuyu. There are different languages and it consists of quignam, Jagaru etc.

The Incas have been polytheists and they had gods like viracocha who had created living things. There is apu illapu who is the rain god. There is ayar cachi who causes earthquakes. There is Illapa who is the lightning god. We have come across Into who is the sun god. We have discovered Kuychi, who is the god of rainbow. There is mama kila who is the moon mother. There is Mama occlo who has the wisdom to make people civilized. There is pachamama who is the earth goddess and the god who distributes resources. Therefore, Inca civilization is very interesting!”

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