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A prince is involved with online Christian outreach and links to two romantic women.
Prince Amlan was an Algerian prince whose relatives were involved in the violent FLN revolution against French colonial rule in Algeria. Amlan moved to the USA and enrolled in the prestigious Ivy League school Dartmouth College where he studied Cognitive Science. He then traveled around the West Coast before working with an online Christian missionary group, developing social websites for them using some of the socialization and cultural skills he'd acquired from his education work with social groups over the years. Prince Amlan was particularly interested in how young Christians were immersed in video-games in modern consumerism consciousness and how this preoccupation affected spiritual development.

Prince Amlan began developing Christian blogs about video-game play and use in consumerism lifestyle and capitalism imagination and caught the attention of two popular and iconic Western (American) actresses, Darryl Hannah and Jennifer Connelly. Hannah and Connelly had made very culturally symbolic Hollywood (USA) films such as Wall Street and A Beautiful Mind. Both of them were fascinated by Prince Amlan's worldly interests in how youngsters were mentally and spiritually participating in the modern social network and markets regarding consumerism activity and particularly how this participation impacted values and lifestyle.

Both Hannah and Connnelly were falling in love with the Algerian prince's care with social values and youth lifestyle regarding consumerism dangers. Amlan was concerned with how consumerism lifestyle was driving youngsters to become obsessed with graphic and immersive video-games. This obsession could threaten the very fabric of capitalism objectivity in modern American environments. Amlan addressed how video-game obsession could deform youngsters' attitudes towards capitalism sanity and temperance. Both Hannah and Connelly wanted to meet the Algerian prince and probe into his passionate interests in youth education and lifestyle as they related to capitalism/consumerism vanities.

HANNAH: You're such a concerned activist!
AMLAN: Maybe I'm just an academic voyeur.
CONNELLY: We both find you quite...democratic!

As Hannah and Connelly both enveloped and developed their social fascination with the intriguing Algerian prince's work with youth imagination in a consumerism world, they equally wondered who the prince would choose should they both be interested in pursuing a romantic relationship or love courtship. Hannah was more immersed in capitalism fashion, while Connelly was more involved with American toys. While Amlan found both of them attractive and interesting, he was simply more involved with youth Christian temperance in our commercial Western civilization to entertain a personal romance. Who'd the passionate Christian prince entreat for marriage in this modern drama about values, capitalism, outreach, media, society...and gossip?
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