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All good things come to those who wait, but that can take a LONG time!
"See you, Ruby. Be a good girl… " and the man climbed back into his truck.

"Bye Ruby," and the woman waved from her window as they drove away.

She looked bewildered, giving a small whine I translated as, "But… you forgot me. I'm going with you, aren't I?" Holding her collar, I imagined she would follow them and get back onto the tray-top. But Ruby offered no resistance at all, instead turning her head to lick my other hand.

Shortly after they disappeared from sight, I carefully let her go. She simply sat for a while, staring across the paddock at the highway where she had last seen the vehicle, puzzled eyes and small body quivers fairly shouting her confusion.

Nine years old, they'd said. Had her since a pup. And it's really OK, her strange bow-legged stance with toes turned in. Born that way. Never stopped her being a fully active dog. Healthy as… they said, would never have parted with her except we're moving from farm to seaside town block, and she wouldn't fit in. Our little terrier will, they said.

Good dog, really obedient, they said. But no good as a working dog, despite her strong Kelpie genes. Not like their other Kelpie — a natural born worker. Neighbours snapped her up. But they didn't want Ruby. Nobody did. Until we saw her photo and a 'Free to Good Home' message on a community notice board, a photo we could now see was several years old. We would learn she was nine.

When the only parents she’d known parted with her so casually, without a tear or sniffle… not even a final, regretful look, Ruby came into our lives and our hearts. She'd found her 'forever' home.
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