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The irony is strong with this one. Or religion doesn't have a sense of humour.

Jesus Loves you!! **Call upon the name of the Lord and you shall be saved**

**Why are we in such a world where people get upset when you talk about Jesus or how loved they are? **

Why does the name Jesus make you upset? Why is being so loved in a cruel world make you angry?

Praying for all who read to feel the Love you have always deserved --Jesus love you all

John 3:16

Perusing the local CL listings I found this posting under "community: volunteers". Naturally, I replied.
The next day it was flagged for removal.

I reposted my reply and I will continue to do so till I don't know? Christmas?
This whole thing has a real Jebus christ of latter day saints vibe to it, or worse mor(m)on. And tbf, I don't have anything against religion per se,
I have disdain for who hides behind it.


Grandpa Loves Me!! **Text upon the number of the Lit and you shall be singed****Firstly, never ask "why" about the "world". There are too many answers and they're mostly to the wrong questions.**

I mean, if I had to hazard (county) a guess, I'd say people are already upset. About you know, things like; life, the state of the world, their health, their loved ones, money, work, ageing, pets, plants, pests, technology, car trouble, etc.
So, when you come along talking at them about Jebus or how "loved" they are, they might not feel very loved at that particular point and place in time and it comes across all wrong.
Talking is a two-way street. No one likes to be talked at. From what I've seen so far (and I've seen a little bit of everything).
Honestly, I don't think Black Jesus (or any other Jesus) makes people upset. I think people who get in other people's faces about religion make people upset.

I think insinuating to someone that may not feel particularly loved in the "cruel world" (as you put it) that they ARE WRONG and they ARE loved might make them angry. It's like you're calling them a liar.
Now, I know you're not. You're just trying to use their pain as a doorway to recruit them into your religion and make them a believer of what YOU believe.
a. what you believe is the RIGHT belief
b. what you believe worked for you
c. what you believe told you to do this
d. what you do is believe

Here are several hundred thousand 'heaven credits' for you for praying for all! You got extra because you went on the internet and told everyone you were doing it.

Just one quick question, does everyone deserve love? Like thieves, rapists, anyone who thinks honour killing isn't barbaric, murderers, pedophiles?
I'm asking for a friend.

"The most important love you can feel in life is the love you have for yourself.
That love can be learned from the love that you felt from a relative, a stranger, a church member, a group, a friend, a school teacher, an animal, a book or even a place. (Maybe one day, they'll make an app for that).
The point is, Love from Above is great and grand, but it's a luxury that not all can afford.
Love that is Ground is what keeps people around."
Melisscious 4:20
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