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The Daily Poem: Pop-Up Edition Contest Entry
The girl going out was a youngster named Mary,
And her mother would use anything handy,
To dress up her daughter to look very scary!
She was all decked out so frightful and dandy,
To knock on doors for a big haul of candy!

It wasn’t anyone special that they were chasing,
But hairy wings all around cut through the sky.
No one knew what they were facing,
Nor did they have a clue as to why,
Yet all around them, the big bats did fly!

Mary ran to get away from the creatures,
But lost all her friends as well as the crowd.
In the distance, people! Too far off to see features.
Upon drawing near, she was totally cowed,
So bad it was, she could not scream aloud.

Pennywise, Mike, Jason, and Freddie,
Waited with a man with a face made of leather.
The last held a chainsaw running and ready.
Each was a horror, but much worse together.
The fear could have knocked her down with a feather.

It got only worse as they started to speak,
“Welcome to hell!” One shouted over the saw.
Mary trembled and shook, knees getting weak.
“Floating? Stabbing? Perhaps a nice metal claw?”
Then she fainted away as if punched in the jaw.

The bed seemed cozy, but then came the screams,
She was strapped to the frame and started to weep.
“There there,” Said the nurse, “You just had bad dreams.”
The woman terrified Mary, who could not make a peep,
“Relax now, my dear, they only come when you sleep…”


English Quintain
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