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October Writing Challenge day 17
Describe a setting in words. Use all five senses and make your reader experience the setting as if he or she were there.

*Contest Round entries may be any rating. Submit your ITEM or ENTRY number by 1200 noon WDC time on Sunday to compete. WDC time is New York City time and can be found at the top of the IM Console. If you miss this deadline or choose not to compete, you must still log the assignment complete (without linking your work) for the grand prize, per the standard Prep guidelines.

sight (vision), sound (hearing), smell (olfaction), taste (gustation), and touch (tactile perception).

The hired Range Rover pulls into the gas station and parks by the entrance door. Prudence Sternwood lumbers out and slowly waddles into the small three aisled store. At the register is a teenage attendant in a green t-shirt. He is talking to a leggy blonde. Both look up towards Prudence and look away. The blonde lady says something under her breath and both laugh.

Prudence is in no doubt it's at her. She goes towards a coffee dock and makes a coffee. The sour smell from the milk encourages her to keep it black. Beside the coffee machine is a stack of packed chocolate muffins. Her plump hand searches behind them and she finds the key as instructed.

She goes towards the cashier and places them on the counter. 'Five Dollars' says the attendent, barely acknowledging his business. The blonde lady makes a nasty comment under her breath

"I heard that" grunts Prudence "If I sat around doing nothing all day, I'd be as skinny as you".

She takes her coffee and muffin and squashes her corpulant frame on a small two seater table by a pay phone. She unwraps the muffin, and breaks a section of it off. Its soft texture crumbles in her plump fingers. She places the piece in her mouth, enjoying it's soft velvet taste which somehow complimented the bland coffee taste.

Ten minutes later the payphone rings. Slowly she gets up and picks it up "Hello"

"Go to the Locker central, off highway 6. Locker number 523 is for the key"

The person then hang up.
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