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The setting of Handi Mani, the deep friend manicotti stand in Manicotti and Murder
Handi Mani is the deep fried manicotti stand owned and operated by Antonio Marzetti. It is situation on the main concession lane of the amusement park, about halfway down on the right-hand side, coming into the park.
The trailer itself is white, and the awning is red, white, and green – the colors of the Italian flag. There are five small, round tables with benches out front, each with an umbrella decorated in the same colors. Along both sides of the space that is Antonio’s, he has strung lights to illuminate the dining area after dark.
Behind the trailer is where Antonio parks his 2005 Ford F150. It’s a black FX4 model, with which he tows the stand, or did, back when he used it as a food truck in the big city. There are empty plastic milk cartons behind the place as well, which he uses and trades out at the restaurant, to carry supplies from one place to the next. A stand alone walk-in cooler also sits behind the stand. There is one lone street light in the makeshift alleyway behind the stand that keeps he and Ralf from tripping on cords and whatnot going to the cooler, or down the way a bit to the dumpsters, of which they have use, but must pay a fee for.
Inside of the stand itself Is neatly appointed, with four fryers at one end. Across from the fryers is a make table, complete with all of the fixings for the manicotti stuffings the stand offers. There is also a counter top two-burner stove, which always holds two stock pots of water, either boiling or ready to boil at any time. There is storage underneath for the paper food boats, skewers, and deli paper used for service. The service window is next, at the front of the stand, with the back door directly at the server’s back. There is a small shelf extending out to the patron’s order area for condiments and napkins.
Next to the window is a small cash register of sorts. It is an older model, with most of the display inoperable. Antonio keeps a small safe, secured to the floor of the stand, below the cash drawer. Even though all money is removed every night, he feels better without more than a few hundred dollars in the register drawer at any time. The rest is dropped into the safe throughout the day.
Above the cash register, out of view of patrons, is a collage of photographs of Antonio’s grandfather, standing in front of his restaurants in New York. Engraved on the bottom of the wide wooden frame is a quote Antonio’s grandfather often told him, “You will find a way.”
There are two folding chairs in the opposite corner, with a fold down desktop. Antonio often uses this as his extra office space when he needs a place to work outside of the restaurant itself. He finds it easier to work with just Ralf around, the pair often bouncing menu ideas off of each other in the slow periods. There is also a cooler containing canned soda that sits next to the desktop, making it a cramped place to work, but Antonio often gravitates to it nonetheless.
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