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My entry for the Flash Fiction contest. Butch humiliates Ryan but gets in trouble for it.
One day Ryan was playing in the sandbox of his backyard. He was unaware that Butch had snuck up behind him. Butch untaped Ryan's diaper and slipped it off. Ryan was quick to notice this.

"Huh? What happened to my diaper?" Ryan asked as he blushed in embarrassment and pulled down his shirt. He soon found out.

"Hey, Shorty, lookin' for this?" asked Butch as he held up Ryan's diaper in his right hand. Ryan ran up to Butch and tried to grab his diaper, but Butch held it out of his reach.

"You're gonna have to do better than that!" teased Butch.

"Come on, Butch, give it back! It's not funny!" cried Ryan.

"Well, I certainly think it is!" laughed Butch. Poor Ryan felt embarrassed and exposed. Suddenly, Walter and Wendy came out. They were cross, but not with Ryan.

"Butch Luther Ironhammer! What do you think you're doing?" Wendy asked Butch.

"Uh, nothin', Mrs. McHiggins. Ryan here just took off his diaper." Butch lied as he hid Ryan's diaper behind his back.

"No, I didn't." said Ryan.

"Don't lie to us, young man! We saw what you did to our son!" said Wendy.

"Come with me, young man! You're going to have to have a time-out!" said Walter as he dragged Butch into the house by his arm. As he did this, Wendy snatched Ryan's diaper. She then spoke kindly to Ryan.

"Don't worry, Honey. Mommy won't let him bother you anymore. Now let's put your diaper back on." Wendy said to Ryan, and she taped his diaper back onto his bottom.

"Thank you, Mommy." Ryan said, and he gave Wendy a hug.

The End
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