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A short story for the Flash Fiction Contest (294 words)
The twin sisters were merrily walking through the woods while picking all the flowers and berries they could find in there. They had plucked all they could and turned around to walk back home only to find the path they came from vanished. They searched for a path back home and stumbled upon an old almost worn out cottage to get shelter for the night and befallen on them.

They opened the door and found the place filled with wooden statues of people who looked so real that if painted could be mistaken for actual people. But they’re expressions were all that of fear. An old man came from another room, startled to find the twins in his home. He smirked, wickedly, at them and said "What are you doing in my house? Are you lost?". The elder, by a minute, replied "Please sir just for the night. We'll be out of your way in the morning." The man said "No it's alright, you can stay as long as you can, but you cannot enter my room." The twins agreed and made arrangements near the door to sleep for the night.

The younger sister awoke because she heard carving sounds from the man’s room. She remembered the man’s words but curiosity got the better of her and she walked towards his room, slowly and making sure not to make a sound. She cracked the door open enough to see a boy almost her age all tied up and the man looking at her like she’s his next prey. His next words frighten her the most “Now, it’s you or your sister who’ll be my next piece… You get to choose.” At this point one thought crosses her mind “What did I get myself into?”
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