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Well, you see, there were these two Bar Flies...
"In a man went? Wot?"

Baz sort of pointed in the general direction of the Gents door. It must be admitted, it was pretty vague — as generally useless as most of his movements had been for some time now.

Well accustomed to Baz and his erratic behaviour, Joe caught the 'drift' perfectly.

"NO-o-o you daft bozo," and through gritted teeth and a curling lip he repeated v-e-r-y slowly, "IMMANENT is what I said!"

"Imminent? Well-ll-ll, why din't yer say so in the first place? I know imm-mm-nent.t..." And Baz caught himself just before he fell off the bar stool. "It means gonna happen enny min-uhrr..min-minty... uhrr no.. minnit, now." He took a loud and deep breath, "...and the name's Baz, NOT Bozo, yer clown!"

Joe's eyes rolled so dramatically they looked like the roulette wheel over at the gaming table.

"It's bloody hopeless. Why do I even try? Maybe tomorrow. Much, much later tomorrow. Maybe..." His voice didn't carry much conviction. It had been a long week, this one and despite his normal 'copability' in such situations AND his most valiant efforts, Joe's face clearly showed his true feelings...

What DID I get myself into?
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2235631-Curly-Conversations