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by Kotaro
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Horror/Scary · #2235657
Written by a zombie for Halloween.

Murdered and buried in an unmarked grave,
Gone, my toes and fingers! Revenge I crave.
Stabbed, slashed, then hanged under a starry sky.
My whole body festers. Can’t even cry.

Emerged and undead with neck bound in rope,
My mouth’s gone to pot. Oh, how can I cope?
Squirming maggots eat my juicy eyeballs.
My nose and ears rot. Oh, how my hate calls!

Our street quiet. Our home dark. Our door there.
The key in the jar will open your lair.
The scent is above. These stairs I can’t climb.
The house was too far. These feet are green slime.

I hear a question, who’s there, from the hall.
Had no inking. Just staring at a wall.
No use hiding. My rotten head, it smells.
No use thinking. My brain’s dead. Hell’s bells!

A flashlight in hand, you come with a gun.
Without a doubt. I cannot let you run.
With a stump, out I step into the light.
With a stump, out I reach into the night.

You drop the gun, for you’re frozen with fear.
I hug and ram a knife into your ear.
Finally, I’ve killed the murderous beast.
At last, I’ve gotten my fabulous feast.
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