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by Norman
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Now he's been with me ever since
The sun was shining bright that day
The rain had finally stopped
Put on my shorts and favorite T
Slipped on my old flip-flops

Slapped sunscreen on my face and neck
Then grabbed my baseball hat
Before I slipped on out the door
I stopped and fed the cat

Climbed into my trusty Jeep
And turned the key to start
It struggled to get going then
Gave out a moaning fart

Engaged the clutch, threw it in gear
Then rolled the windows down
Turned on some music way up loud
And headed out of town

I didn’t even have a plan
Just had a need to go
Maybe I would end up in
Some place I didn’t know

I drove six blocks before I braked
Pulled over to the side
There was something nagging me
Some voice from deep inside

Something buzzing in my head
Just like a pesky gnat
All at once it came to me
I didn’t own a cat

Turned my car and headed home
My head was filled with doubt
Did I really have a cat?
I’d have to go find out

And there he was as big as life
Just sitting on a chair
Looking like he owned the house
Without a single care

Now he’s been with me ever since
That’s how it came to be
You could say I adopted him
… or he adopted me
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