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Dealers are bad & doctors are good. But is there any real difference between the two?
Never in the history of mankind
Has there been such polarising substances as drugs
That have done so much good for so many
Yet, so many who use them are called mugs

I suppose it depends on who is selling them
There's good guys and bad, that's a fact
The pharmaceutical companies...they are in the white hats
While the dealers down the road, they wear black

In past times when we weren't so 'civilised'
Our forefathers knew how to bend the mind
Searching nearby forests and fields
Gathering leaves and roots they would find

That would bring them closer to their Gods
Done without fear of social rejection
Taking care and with much responsibility
Is a civilised world in more need of protection?

It's in our genes to want this experience
Yet modern society made it a thing of the past
But I question this take on the matter
And the motives of those whose opinions are cast

Our want to explore our own non-reality
Is as strong as it was back before
So, the issues as I see it are not with the compounds
But, having so much more to do with the law

If you get caught up in the system
The problems of addiction become null and void
Because we all know once you are in stir
There are no drugs there to be enjoyed

Incarceration provides rehabilitation
So, when you get out you no longer need to score
If it seems I am being sarcastic
Hypocrisy and the law go together without a flaw

Of course, if your dealer wears a white coat
Providing you with a script without so much as a pause
And the drugs you consume are legally purchased
With the money going towards a good cause

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