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Remembering when we learnt what isn't true
Feel this has come to a good stage but something for me isn't right. What do you think?


One of the last ties I saw him
in spews out musty breath
from its uncomfortable

They were a useful
disguise for the letters
piled up unopened,
full of

a truth that was not
allowed at home.
I learnt that ties
were masks

used by those asking for
cash, votes, love,
faith, often all
at once,

all speaking the language
that dictates the world
to turn in their

I barely wear them,
my eyes no longer in awe
of the details, how many
I’d have

in what colours, a sign you
you have grown
in to the world,

like a tree protecting
the undergrowth,
knowing we are

that masks slip
with the last breath of
truth escaping
on the back

of their words,
no more than a
leaf adrift
on the wind.
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