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A little girl who writes a letter to her imaginary friend about a day at day care
imaginary friend
"May I join you, for tea?"
"my stuff animals all enjoy your company."
"Violet asked for a gathering of the toys in the kingdom of toy box land, she is the princess and her prince is on his way, he has come to save her from the forces of the tickle monster for he means business and that means daddy has to leave for work and I go to the baby sitter Mommy goes with daddy to work so I get strapped into my car seat and off we go At the baby sitter I get to be with my friends I can go zooming around the room, I can play copter, I can play the drums then its sleepy time, when I wake from my sweet dreams, I am greeted by a friendly face and I get to play with finger paint, and I decide to mix the colors and fill the page with red's, green's blue's and whites after that I get to take the car out for a test drive the wind is propelling the wheels of this vehicle and i'm free to roam the back yard on my mini sportster the people watching over me have a garage filled with mini vehicles just my size and all of my friends and I decide to play bumper cars after that Mom and Dad come to get me and I am sad to leave , but I remember that tomorrow I get to come back to the toy box kingdom babysitter and play with my friends Sue, Grace, Meg, Tim, Tom and John

thank you for listening ,
from your friend,
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