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ideas on rpg systems
I have seldom played, but often studied, role-playing games: games wherein one pretends to be someone in a given situation and with the cooperation of other participants, describe what the character played would do, and in this way a collaborative story would be crafted. Fairness is a human concept, and rpg systems have been designed to promote fairness in game-play as the story progresses. I enjoy learning things and trying to abide by or put rules to the test. In the past I have told stories and I thought it would be nice to try to use rpg concepts to forge stories of my own. The key components are character description, chance of success or failure, and health status. The first and last may come from reference to the middle part. I figure it similar to this: a result defaults to a typical descriptive status most of the time; sometimes it goes higher or lower. There is average, good better best and legendary and there is average bad worse worst abysmal. Roll 3 six-sided die for a success/failure check and the result steps up on a 17 to18 or it goes down on a 3 to 4. The targeted result depends on the situation. If some intervening power or the like improves or diminishes the chance of success or failure then for success step up the ladder on a 15 through18 or for failure step down on 3 through 6. For health there is injury, fatigue, disease and poison that I can think of, which may affect different body parts. Enhanced or diminished health may be reflected in resilience against these conditions so health would be on success/failure scale. In general there are 3 abilities that come up most frequently in rpgs: combativeness, thievery, and supernatural ability. Social status tends to affect item availability and others' reactions to the character's presence. As such, these with descriptors can be put to the success/failure ladder. This is a mix from GURPS and the Ladder and FUDGE rpgs.
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