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A short story for the Flash Fiction contest.(297 words)
Being tied up in the basement of a witch's lair was not how Tessi planned her evening. All she wanted was to catch the witch, kill her and show her dad that she was capable of handling herself, to take her along with him during hunts instead of leaving her alone in stinky motels with nothing to do.

Tracking the witch was the easy part. The only easy part. She underestimated the witch's powers and caught herself walking into a trap laid out to snatch victims. Tessi was put in a deep sleep, taken to the lair, tied up.

When she woke up, the first thing she did was not make any noises to alert the witch. What no one knew was she always had knives hidden in her sleeves, her boots, on her clothes, courtesy of being a Hunter’s kid. She slid a small knife from her sleeves into her hands, freed herself and set out to investigate what the witch was up to. She creaked the door open to find the witch working on something which she could only assume to be spells.

As Tessi was about to pounce on the witch and tackle her till the witch was exhausted enough for Tessi to escape, the main door of the lair opened inviting a man with a blade in hand ready to slaughter the witch. By the time she took in what happened, the blade from the man's hand was already on the witch's throat and the man said to Tessi,

"You're in trouble now, young lady."

It was her father, who appeared to be angry at the fact that his daughter ran to hunt down a witch without any means or knowledge on how. He sighed looking at her and said "I'll teach you how to hunt."
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