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I am me we are the same. Our DNA makes us one, the same.
I am me, and the whole world knows this
I am me, my DNA dictates it
You don't know me, you may know
what I look like and visually note
my physical attributes.....but do
You really know......ME???

Me the I within, is a very complex
Complicated being, quick thinking
fast response and intuitive skill that's
superb , almost unbelievable...........

The you's of this world 🌎 tries to
figure me out ....while I look on
Saying.....".you just don't get it"........

I and ME, the interrelated being is
a remarkable existence thus creating
the CHARACTERISTICS of the physical realm......

Thinking that you know me is an
understatement.......hence sometimes
the "I" in "ME" don't even know or
appreciate how it seems.........

Understanding the "I" and "ME" is crazy
yet fascinating ..... but the reality is
the "I" and "ME" are really the same.

I understand the thought but "I" keep
"ME" relevant by......... The Process.!
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