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سلام عليكم hi. this my first time writing and I'm sure no one will read this but I just want to talk to my self and I like how my keyboard sounds so one of the most important ideas that what is going to happen when you go to sleep and never wake up in other words if you die when you go to sleep you don't know that you are in sleep and we can connect these ideas with life and death so in other words sleeping is like dieang and waking up is like being alive so when you were born you didn't know that you were born so just the same way with waking up from sleep you see tow thing are so close to each other yet they are so defrent and when we go back to sleep we know when we are going to wake up but we don't know when you are going to die so the fundamental thing is why we don't know when we will die just think that you will know when you will die that is a scare thot becose there are some thing in life that you dont need to know you see. God didn't tell the humans for a reason. now if you know when you're going to sleep and never waking up or die in other words but that is going to never happen because only God knows why because he created death and life and death and life are not different things one thing completes the other but that idea is for another time. so if you know then when you will die then you will have to know when you are going to be born but that is never going to happen we don't need to know when are going to die we don't control death but death is something that happens to us so why we can't control death if is something that happens to us will the same way you don't have full control of your body you don't control your blood or your brain these things happens by itself and we don't need to control them so the same thing with death all of these things is in the hand of the one how created them.thats was my ideas and it was inspired by alan watts...
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