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Flash Fiction 10-21-20 185 words

The wind of the West blew. All the leaves on the front tree ended up on the ground. The leaves covered the snow. A carpet of green on top of the carpet of white.

The wind of the East said, “You’re in trouble now.”

The West wind sighed. “I don’t care. It was time for those to fall. I just gave them a little nudge, is all.”

The East wind blew the air about. “George will now have to rake those leaves. How will he do that with the snow piled high? This is wrong. The leaves should have fallen before the snow.”

North wind whistled. “You two know nothing. The human will whine, curse the gods, but will rake the leaves.”

“I will melt the snow first. I will make the job easier.” South wind blew gentle warm winds to melt the snow.

George stood in his house, listening to the wind howling outside. It blew from all directions at once. But then a chinook came to melt the snow. A warm wind, how nice, he thought.

“I can finally get those leaves raked.”

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