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Ethan is both a stockbroker and bank robber inviting us to analyze the nature of America.
Ethan was a successful broker with the Wall Street firm Pierce & Pierce and made steady money for his investors by advising them to key markets for companies waiting to expand on bubbles of diversified economic activity. Ethan made enough money to purchase a very nice loft in Manhattan and was a popular regular visitor to the yuppie nightclub called the Neon. He had it all and was the prototypical American stockbroker. However, Ethan had a dark side catered to by a very mischievous alter-ego, one that turned him into a very wily bank robber named Mask.

Mask always wore colorful and strange masks while performing his daring but very clever bank robberies in New York and Pennsylvania. He robbed over 15 banks in just 1 year, gaining stolen assets worth up to $8 million. He didn't always take as much money as was in the vaults he robbed, because he preferred to space out and temper his robbery amounts to create just enough of a balanced later to justify more frequent robberies for a net total gain of a satisfactory amount of $8 million, because Ethan ('Mask') was in it for the daring and thrill and not just the money.

How you may ask does a typical Wall Street yuppie become a typical American bank robber? The truth is, Ethan/Mask is an ideal case study in what drives people in modern civilization to engage in dual behaviors involving both traffic aim and traffic vertigo. In other words, Ethan/Mask is simply a double-man, and we might wonder if such an 'anti-hero' is representative of a social fascination with skill and subversion in this new age of great network agility intrigue, where those who exhibit great grid acrobatics are considered prophets and priests of evolved civilization geometry, mad geniuses such as Steve Jobs.

Yes, Ethan/Mask is a regular 'snake-eyes' of modernism, a successful yuppie broker who has the knack for camouflage and wild experimentation with financial housing and financial demolition. He's the ideal American psycho, replacing the proverbial American maverick we saw in generations past in the persons of Ted Turner and Orson Welles. Ethan/Mask is therefore a careful reminder of the daily imagination of wildly successful market cornering stock trades on Wall Street and New York bank coups with special masked crowd control psychology. What would Freud have said about such an American dragon?
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