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A dreadful poetry of October about the dark side of love for those fond of flowers.
Dark Rose

Yet again, let me tell,
Once upon in Autumn,
Upon dating ; street's bottom.
Rose'o'red gift to belle

Lover dares to reveal
Of course, his white feeling.
Venture is beginning,
End was not in their deal.

Weddings, what can he think?
Away, he's from others,
Since it was her orders,
And his rose was o'pink.

The others think there's joy
Rather than fears and tears,
Arguments, slaps, give them cheers ;
Pretty can't hurt the boy.

A tough life but no fight :
Never tried self-defense,
Doesn't see her offense
Since his rose was o'white.

One might have once seen
Marks hidden on his neck,
Euphemism and no check,
He won't reveal the scene.

One highway to follow
When he wanted to flee.
Instead, he gaves the key
For a rose'o yellow.

Excuses for his mistakes,
Lady feed guiltiness,
Love blinds with it brightness
For the selfishness'sake.

Once upon in Autumn,
Revelations around,
Innocent wife found dead, somewhere around a park,
The husband was founded and held a rose'o'dark.

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