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Chapter 1 of my new story. This is my first time writing a story so please go easy on me
War. That was the only word that could describe what was happening on that night. Blood curdling screams and cries of agony could be heard all throughout the land as the invaders slaughtered everyone in sight. Man, woman, child, it didn’t matter what you were, as you were just blood on their blades and bodies on the floor of the battlefield to them. But i’m getting ahead of myself. For this story it would be better to start at the beginning of the day, when everything was still peaceful and no one had any idea that their whole world was about to end. The sun had risen on what would be the last day of our lives, as I woke up and got myself ready. As captain of the knights I had to wake everyone up early for morning practice and make sure everyone gets to their posts on time. I would get to the showers, quickly wash myself, get dressed and put on my armor. Now normally when you hear knight you think of big bulky iron armor, but that’s not really my style. My armor is sleek and small, being just a shirt and pants with armor patches on it. I would get dressed and grab my weapon of choice, my battle scythe and get everyone else up. We would begin morning practice with my favorite exercise, sparring. I would stand in the center and all 20 of the royal guards would come at me. If they hit me once they win, if I take them all out first I win. So far...it was 306-1, and I was winning. I grin as they all charge me, my breathe calming as I start to take them down one by one, with a bit of ease, as the stronger ones come in, giving me some trouble as I start to fight them, eventually taking them down and laughing at their attempts as I get to the last one. She would be the reason I lost the one time. “Well honey, ready for defeat number 307?~” I say grinning as I charge my wife. She smirks and doesn’t answer back, charging me as we clash, taking blows at each other and both laughing as we get into a full on bar fight. Blow after blow hitting her as I dodge each one, grinning happily as she starts to catch up to me, getting closer and closer to hitting me, until eventually she uppercuts me, my fiery red hair waving in the wind as I land on my ass and smirk. “Well I'll be damned that hurt like hell!” I say standing up and stretching. “Okay everyone, hit the showers and get to your posts!” I say humming as I hug and kiss my wife, before sending her off too. I watch her go, not realizing this would be the last time I ever see her again. I yawn as I walk to my post. I was to go on patrol today, so I walk into the town and smile at the citizens, some greeting me, others ignoring me. I was used to being hated by now as the king and queen weren’t exactly good people by any means. The king was well...a greedy fat pig who takes young girls for himself, while his wife is an absolute slut who has fucked every knight but me at this point. Their children are wonderful however, which is quite strange, but oh well. I hum as I walk around and help out anyone who needs it. Helping a farmer catch a runaway bull, helping some kids get their ball off a roof, stuff like that really. Nothing was out of place or unusual at all...that is until a horn blew. A horn that sent chills down my spine and made me panic. “EVERYONE GET INSIDE! NOW!” I would shout this at them as the invader horn would ring out, everyone screaming as they run inside and hide. Meanwhile I was bolting back for the castle as the knights, royal guards and normal guards all assemble. “Okay everyone! This is not a drill! Royal guards squad A, protect the king and queen! Squad B, the prince and princess! Guards! Squad A go to the main gate and make sure nothing gets through! Squad B! You are to be backup for any royal guard squads that need it! Squad C go down to the town and fight the forces as they come in! Knights! Squad A is to station inside the castle and ambush anyone that gets through, and B you’re scouting out the exit and making sure it’s safe! Everyone clear? THEN GO” I bark out orders as everyone runs to their positions and I breathe. “Captain...you are the last line of defense…” I say to myself as I follow the royal guards. We get to the royals and start to filter them into the tunnels, the guard squad up ahead as we all follow. We get to the exit rather easily as a massive explosion makes the world shake as I turn around and see the castle on fire and practically just a crater now. I curse and tell everyone to keep moving as we get to a cliff where the escape vehicle was. They all pile in as I smile and close the door, the princess screaming for me to get in. “Sorry little lady, but i need to be here...have a nice life everyone…” I say smacking the roof as it drives off, everyone but the king and queen screaming at them to stop and grab me as I hear footsteps and I turn around, scythe in hand as I breathe and watch the invaders entire army walk up. “Come at me you sons...of...bitches…” I say tears forming in my eyes as they hold up spears, bodies on the spears of each guard and knight...including my wife who had disobeyed my orders and went to help the town. Tears stream down my face as I scream in rage and run into the horde. I was like a machine as my scythe and sword cut through them, the endless horde coming onto me as I slice through them as best I can. Hours would pass of just endless slaying as I was starting to run on empty, the near endless horde not even dimming down in size. “Y-you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me…” I say as I watch a rain of millions of arrows come down onto me and I close my eyes. “Honey...i’m coming…” I say bracing myself as the arrows hit my, slicing through my body as I fall to the ground, not much life left in me. The leader of the invaders would walk up to my body and look at me. “You...were a worthy enemy, we shall never forget you oh great warrior...now be free in the hands of our god.” And with that he stabs his sword into my heart and I perish…
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