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On the outside looking in, or the other way 'round?
         OFP3 - 2020

          The Girl Who Isn't There

Blending in against the wall
beyond the spinning whirl;
unnoticed at the couple’s ball,
an odd unneeded girl.

Pairs arranged in promenade
or swaying cheek-to-cheek,
looking past a lonely maid
who sees but doesn’t speak.

Unremarked as fair or plain
she doesn’t draw a glance;
waiting for a handsome swain,
just hoping for a chance.

Music swells to airy height,
fills hearts that beat as one,
slows to mark the waning night,
their dance is nearly done.

Two by two they leave the floor,
she gazes wistfully;
couples ebbing out the door,
but no one turns to see.

Silence overtakes the space,
she isn’t gone at all;
the image of her mirrored face
reflects an empty hall.

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