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Plot review
Review your plot elements thus far and organize them into your outline.
(2) Fill in any gaps in your outline template and/or flesh out more details

Gap is really at the end. Police set up sting operation for collection of money for Prudence Sternwoods Luxury suv. They capture gang member and free daughter.

"We must warn Ruth and Jessica. This will not go well for us!" Esther Tubal recognised the panic in her husband Isaacs voice. He stroked his grey beard at his chin with his right hand, contemplating what their next move might be.

Esther cupped her plump hands over her mouth in fear "This paskudneh (evil person) will take it out on us, this brings us tsuris (serious problems)!"

Isaac withdrew a cell phone from within his dark suit jacket and handed it to Esther "Ruth must know what this Golem (monster) is doing."

"Oy gevalt (expression of fear)" sighed Ruth as she clasped her hands over Isaacs "I will go to her office. This meshuggener (crazy person) may have us bugged. Please stay here where it's safe!"

Nineteen year old Jessica Shylock ran Shylock High End Jewellery and Clothes Stores with her fifty five year old mother Ruth. There empire consisted of stores in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Vancouver, London, Paris and Tel Aviv. They also held a property portfolio. Ruth set up their first store aged twenty in Crown Heights in New York with her late husband Moshe whom died two years previously.

From their head office in Queens Boulevard in New York Jessica was engaging in their usual business meeting after prayer and breakfast. Jessica a slender five foot seven slender beauty with shoulder length mousy hair that was partially covered with a white scarf. She was standing by her mothers teak affect PC desk. As always she was dressed conservatively dressed wearing a buttoned red business suit jacket and charcoal skirt that went down to her ankles. Her mother Ruth even more conservatively. Every hair on her head completely covered with a black head scarf. Dressed in a black business dress suit with the dress also extending down to her ankles. Deep stress lines carved into her brow and cheek lines of her slender face. On her nose rested a pair of black plastic rimmed glasses that never left her face.

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