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dreamscape poem contest entry

Sam Adams
Is walking through the moors
Of Scotland on a walkabout

Each night he walks ten miles
Each night he drinks a wee bit of whiskey
In a local pub

One day he arrives
At an old pub and gets a room
There were almost no guests

The owner was an old man
Dressed like an ancient Laird
With an evil grin

He told Sam
Welcome American
We have had so few customers

But I must warn you
The ghosts in the walls
Are watching you

And if you look at them
They will steal your soul
Taking you to the other world

Beware of the woman
In the walls
The walls have ears

Sam dismissed the old man’s warnings
Had his dinner alone
Drinking his lonely whiskey

Went to the room
Saw a beautiful woman
In a portrait on the wall

He looked at her
She soon morphed into hundreds of pictures
Of all the women he had ever lusted about

They all implore him
Join us and we will make
All your erotic dreams come true

Sam stared at the women in the wall
he reached out and touch the woman
electricity flowed through his hands

starring at the woman in the wall
who became a hideous monster
Sam disappears into the wall

The owner of the pub
Said to his friend, the grim reaper
Well you got another Soul my friend
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