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Rated: E · Chapter · Sci-fi · #2236049
Set in Space Habitat, Moses & Sophie introduce new health system to Emperors scientists.
On arriving at work, Moses moved quickly towards his desk and his computer, as he had much to do.
Sophie intercepted him at the office door, gave him a quick kiss, and whispered in his ear,

"I missed you last night and you were not in when I left this morning. "

"I fell asleep in the cave reading the book."

Sophie smiled, with a hint of relief upon her face, "Thought it was something like that. We have to do that teaching session today. Did you remember? See you in about an hour."

She then moved off quickly, with that delightful swaying walk of hers, towards her own office. Glancing behind, before the end of the corridor, to see his eyes had followed the twitch of her skirt. She paused, pleased about his attention, blew him a kiss and disappeared around the corner.

About an hour later Moses and Sophie were ready, with an assembled group of top scientists, from outside the Space Habitat, where they lived. Their supervisor rose to introduce the meeting.

"Thank you for coming, today we will give you a brief overview of what the Emperor himself designated project Eve."

The Supervisor continued,

"Project Eve was started, some four centuries ago, by the Emperor, when he left earth, with a frozen sample of the 'perfect blood' and armed with the latest Earth research on the human genome and nanotechnology. It has taken this long to achieve his original goal of engineering a perfect genome."

The supervisor pointed at Sophie and Moses and then began his monologue.

"The Emperor and his queen pioneered the use of nanotechnology, using it to repair their bodies, ravaged by radiation and prolonged exposure to low gravity and their poor diet in those early days. Those days were extremely difficult for them, but they heroically developed their nano machines to fix damage at the cellular level of the human genome itself. Incredibly flexible, the human genome is already able to adapt to most circumstances, but with gene editing tools and the help of the nano machines, our Emperor passed on to us, it has become possible to fix damaged DNA and to facilitate the regeneration of organs, limbs, and tissue broken by the harshness of space. Moses and Sophie here, are at the tail end of a long process of development, that now includes the grafting in of an AI into human beings and nano machinery tailor made for, and adaptive to, their own biological genome. This AI is now able to predict and then implement a perfect configuration for the precise genomic context it inhabits and to slowly improve the body of its human host, adding performance, strength, regenerative capabilities and disease resistance to the body. We had a bit of luck with Moses, as he is in effect a genetic fluke at the end of a long process of bio engineering. We grew him in an artificial womb, along with 1000 other fertilized eggs, conceived from inputs provided by the two most genetically flawless people in the Empire, but only his fetus was good enough to go all the way to birth. All the others were flawed and have been incinerated."

Moses silently wondered, about all those lost brothers and sisters, and had an awful vision of a 1000 babies screaming for rescue from the flames.

One of the scientists rose,

"My understanding was that only minor alterations were made to Test Subject B's genome."

He waved a hand towards Sophie, who rolled her eyes at Moses, in response to the reference. Moses struggled to contain himself, from laughing out loud, as his Supervisor answered.

"Yes that is right she arrived in a state of near perfection."

"Arrived from where?"

Now this was a question that Moses and Sophie had debated for years, given Sophie's memory loss.

"That is classified and beyond the scope of this project, but the test subjects, male and female, have now, together, fixed the remaining broken genes and have achieved the state of perfection, revealed to us in the sample of the 'perfect blood'. So having achieved genetic perfection, the next goal was to preserve that perfection against possible damage stemming from environmental or hostile human factors. Most of Sophie and Moses work, over the last two years, has been dedicated to that goal. The nano tech addition to their unique bodies complements their genetic perfection, with mechanisms that allow them to counter the effects of any harsh environment and to restore the perfection they have achieved, if that environment damages them in any way. Thus, if radiation broke their DNA and corrupted the protein structures generated by their code, the bots will identify those breaks, according to the AIs memory of the perfect pattern, and fix them. The tech can heal up extreme wounds and includes a full medical library of potential risks to the genome, and action strategies to counter these, when such circumstances arise. Much of the testing of the last years has been focused on ensuring the AI database is up to date and that the nanobot responses to crisis are perfectly coordinated by the central intelligence. So right now Moses and Sophie have a live in AI, inside of themselves, whose whole rationale for existence is to keep them alive."

There were murmurs of approval from around the table. The Supervisor continued,

"The early versions of the AIs created carried the full load of problem responses. But we found that this resulted in a weakening of the bodies immune system, and made it vulnerable to incursions and issues the AI was not prepared for. It became clear that a symbiotic relationship between AI and genome was necessary, and that sometimes the body should be allowed to handle the ravages of disease or small wounds, to strengthen its own immunity and responses. The AI fixed longer term problems, unclogged arteries and provided the possibility of emergency care for instance . Moses and Sophie have also been careful to ensure that the bodies immune system is allowed to organize its own defenses. So the technology inside them, lives in harmony with the biology, rather than undermining it. The immune system was required, for unique challenges not yet envisaged, and for the nuances of existing challenges, that had not been properly catered for. This relationship is being perfected all the time, but has now become so good, that we believe we have achieved a near perfect harmony with this pair."

"You allowed the test subjects to control their own defense mechanisms?"

"Of course, they are motivated to get these defenses right and also maybe as a result of their genetic perfection, there is no one more intelligent to do this job."

"What sort of IQ level are the test subjects measured at?"

"We have not devised a test that can adequately measure their intelligence, but by all the tests we have at the moment we know it is over 250 in each case."

The scientists paused, looking at each other with worried glances, their own prized intelligence, on which their careers depended, was simply not in Moses and Sophie's league. But the lead scientist had a job to do and so he continued,

"Well that really is truly impressive and we have come here to learn what has been achieved so that we can give a report to the Emperor. Can Test... sorry Moses or Sophie give us an overview of their work."

Moses stepped forward to give his presentation.

"Gentlemen and Ladies," he looked smiling in Sophie's direction only. The skills we have developed for Project Edens completion are in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Bio engineering and Nanotechnology. I trust that the people gathered here have a basic grasp of these three fields of study and how they might interact."

He paused, and was met with nods around the table. Though, as he surveyed the faces of the scientists, he could see that a great many were hiding deep insecurities and ignorance, behind the customary arrogant facades required for their professor level positions.

"The purpose of the project was to build the perfect human, using the perfect genetic sample, as our guide. Over the last four centuries, this goal has been achieved, by a process of selective breeding and gene editing and Sophie and I are the end result of this process. In the last decade however my partner and I have vastly accelerated the rate of progress by using nanotechnology controlled by genome specific AIs grafted into our bodies. This acceleration has allowed us to finish and then guarantee a centuries old project in a matter of just 10 years."

"Wait a minute," said one of the scientists, "you do not look much over 21. Are you telling me you started experimenting with these techniques when you were just 11! That would leave no time to acquire the expertise needed in these three fields."

"Looks can be deceptive and this is one of the benefits of this project," said Moses, "I myself am actually 45 years old and Sophie was at least 20 when we first met about 12 years ago. But since we do not know her history, and she has no memory of it, we do not know how old she is."

"How can you look so young when you are 45?"

"One of the benefits of this project is that it seems to stop and indeed reverse the aging process. It is perfectly possible that our lifespans will be hundreds if not thousands of years."

"OK" , said the scientist impressed, "Please continue."

"OK, there are 4 components to the project that need to be properly understood:

Firstly we have the perfect blood sample itself giving a perfect pattern of what a perfect human genome might look like. The task here was to distinguish perfect patterns from custom patterns, as each human genome is different and makes its own unique adaptations during its history. The perfect pattern gives us an idea of what perfection might look like for another human genome, but it cannot simply be copied, it must also be interpreted.

Secondly we have the in-body AI. We had to develop an energy source, memory storage, processing power that could be integrated with a unique human genome. We have in essence developed an AI configured precisely to our own bodies, using our cells to store data and powered by the energy we ourselves generate. This had to be grafted into the body in a way that did not get in the way of any vital functions. Furthermore, it itself had to be editable by nanobots, so that hardware upgrades could be made, as our technological understanding improved, and to help the adaptation of the intelligence to our human bodies. Software upgrades and instructions for hardware upgrades, as well as feedback on possible environmental threats, are also provided, but the interface for these is a highly encrypted connection over the airwaves. In fact we have encrypted it in a way that means the host must consent to any upgrades applied to his unit and his own biological DNA. Their consent has, in effect, become the private key of the encryption mechanism."

"Meaning what exactly?"

"Meaning you cannot change the work we have done in each of us without our consent."

"But if the Emperor orders change?"

"You are not the Emperor and when he orders me to do something I will respond to his orders there and then."

"Thirdly, we had to design nano-machinery that could survive in the harsh conditions of the human body and even replicate there on an enduring and resilient basis. The system needed to be self contained and not need injections of new bots to achieve its purpose. Materials can be recycled or extracted from the body without harming the host. The machines need to interface with the AI, be fast enough to respond to threats and flexible enough to respond to whatever type of challenges are thrown at them. It took a long time to settle on a stable and multipurpose design that we could interface with and which achieved optimal results. One prime consideration was the ability of nanobots to create upgraded versions of themselves. We now have bots inside us which we will never need to replace and which the AI manages and upgrades periodically.

The fourth and last challenge was perfecting the gene editing techniques and tools of the nano bots and coordinating the efforts of the bots to work across the body, different organs, and types of problem. Once these techniques were perfected we were able to make precise localized changes and holistically test the impacts of changes on the whole system. The AI now contains a large library of techniques and medical procedures and special skill processes which it can activate at the instruction of the human host, or independent of him or her when it deems their health or security is at risk, and no instructions are forthcoming or being approved."

"Any questions at this stage gentlemen."

"Yes who told you to take control of the AI and nanobots in your system and to isolate them from any outside dependencies, this seems to demonstrate a lack of trust in the scientific hierarchies."

"As the most intelligent people we know, with decades of experience in our own specialized fields, we made that call so that lesser minds would not mess up our work."

"By lesser minds do you mean ours, or your supervisors or indeed that of the Emperor himself," said the scientist indignantly.

Moses nodded, and was about to carry on when he was interrupted by Sophie, ever the diplomat of the pair,

"We have documented the steps we have taken extensively and that data will be made available to the Emperor and to this team, but the corporeal integrity and inviolability of the person was a principle which we operated on from day one, as the nature of the work means that each solution is uniquely crafted to the unique genome of the person holding this technology. No one is better able to look after that internalized technology than the person who hosts it. Also given the advances of AI technology, coupled with nano-tech present in the body, the threat of a malicious hack of a bodies AI was a real danger, that required an automatic response in a time frame measured in milliseconds, rather than in the weeks that a hierarchical bureaucracy might take to deliberate such a decision. The host is the one most threatened by malicious hacks or changes and their relationship with their internal AI allows them to assess the risks of any particular change, before it is applied, and in extreme cases the actual legitimacy of a change."

The meeting went on for several hours, with Moses and Sophie linking the Scientists in with the database in which they had documented their work. But they knew that these guys could read their notes for a lifetime and still not understand them. Indeed they had omitted some very small facts, that would make all the difference, as a matter of personal insurance. The final questions related to function.

"So, aside from reversing the aging process, providing immunity from disease and harsh environments and allowing rapid healing what other benefits have you noted."

"Our intelligence is enhanced by not having the damage and blockages that exist in most brains to deal with. Our connections and instincts are perfectly maintained, our senses enhanced, so that we can hear and see on a greater number of levels for example. Also the nanobots and superior physical conditioning give us speed and strength advantages."

"Have you measured any of these?"

"Yes for example I ran a 100 meter in 8.1 seconds, ran a marathon in under 90 minutes and was able to lift 1000 Kg overhead."

The scientists mouths dropped open.

"Are the results of your work something that can be applied to enhance the lives of people other than yourselves?"

"Well we are already using the principle of the Artificial Intelligence guided, genome sensitive Nano tech technology to heal people, or too enhance specific functions. This technology was rolled out, about a year ago, to the Imperial navy, as you are probably all aware. But this operates on a lower level than what we have since achieved, on a more personal and genome specific basis. But even the new things we have discovered will not work on others as well it works in us as we are the only people that we know of who are genetically perfect. The system is a holistic whole. The AI requires a memory of a perfect pattern, at very least to operate, and that pattern is unique to the human genome that hosts it. If you simply mass produce and place these things inside everybody they will not have the basic guidance system they need and so are more likely to make harmful mistakes, that could actually on occasions endanger their hosts."

"Would that harm not also occur in the case of you being damaged by some event",

"No because the AI knows how to repair me and we have sealed that memory in a container inside our bodies, which is shielded against all known threats. We have even sealed emergency bots in that container, just in case the external bots are also destroyed by catastrophe. Once the nanobots recover from the initial emergency, and it is deemed safe to deploy them, they would be able to download the appropriate instructions from the AI to repair or indeed even reconstruct the body."

"Well Moses your work is impressive and I am sure the Emperor will be pleased with your progress, thank you for your time." said the lead scientist, the rest of the scientists joined him in applauding the presentation.
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