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I find myself at the mercy of a cute witch on Halloween!
Authors Note: This was written as part of the first round of the "Invalid Item Weekly Challenge from October 19-25th
Word Count: 899 words

October 31st 2019

I wriggled against the ropes trying to free myself. The beautiful woman across from me smiled mischievously. She had successfully tied me to a chair in her kitchen. She was wearing a short black dress, fishnet stockings, thigh high black boots...black lipstick and nail polish. She had a goth theme going. Completing the ensemble was a pointy witches hat. I felt my heart beating fast.

"I had this dream before." I admitted.

"Have you?" The cute witch smirked. "And how did that work out for you?"

"Probably better than this. Hard to believe you can't even trust an attractive redhead these days."

"There's always some trick or treating involved with Halloween. I'm afraid you wound up getting the former." She apologized.

I grimaced as I once again attempted to get out of the ropes. "What do you intend to do with me?"

"Every witch needs a familiar... A slave and pet to obey her orders. I feel like you'll make a good one."

"You won't get away with this!"

She clicked her tongue "A bit of a cliched response." She taunted grinning. "You've already tested the ropes and this place is sound proofed. The only reason you're not gagged is because I like hearing my victim's last words."

I sighed. It seemed like I was at this witch's mercy. I gave her a defeated look.

"Aw it won't be so bad. Sure you'll be my toy but I'll treat you really well." She said soothingly. "You might even enjoy it."

"I doubt that."

She took a glass off of a table. Liquid bubbled and foamed around the edges. "This is a special potion. Once you drink it... you'll be the perfect pet for me... obedient and loyal."

She brought the glass to my lips but I resisted turning my face away from her. I felt her grab my jaw squeezing my cheeks to make me open my mouth. Gently but firmly she poured a bit of the potion inside. It had a sweet taste to it.

She pressed a finger against my lips preventing me from spitting it out. "Shh... Stop struggling. We don't want to make a mess."

Her eyes had a bit of a hypnotic gaze to them. She looked so beautiful. I find myself compelled to listen to her.

She lifted the remainder of the potion up to my mouth. "Drink up the rest."

Before I realized what was happening. I was gulping it down.

I saw her smile pleased.

"Good boy." She leaned in and kissed me hard. She smelled so good. I felt her breast press against me through her dress. After a long kiss she pulled back. "You should be feeling the effects of that potion pretty soon," She tells me. "Just give into it and belong to me."

I felt a little bit of a jolt as the potion kicked in. There was a slight buzzing sensation in the back of my head and my mind felt a little foggy. My pulse is racing. That potion was strong.

The witch waited about a minute allowing me to adjust to the affects of the potion before testing me out. "Let's try this... do you consider yourself a person or a pet?"

Someone I knew the answer she wanted me to give. "A pet." I told her.

I saw a look of triumph appear on her face. "And whose pet are you?"

"Yours," I said. The answer came out automatically. I could hear her laughter fill the room at that.

The ropes around my wrists loosened. You might think I was tempted to run away but I wasn't. Instead I stayed where I was waiting for her to tell me what to do next.

"I think I'll have a bit of fun with you first." She told me. Her next order was simple. "Come."

I followed obediently. Any urge to resist her was gone. Whatever spell she had cast on me had worked. I was hers just like she said.

Somehow I didn't mind that much. All things considered... there are worse things out there than being a familiar to a beautiful witch.

The End


Sitting up in bed I reached over helping my girlfriend Jenna zip up the back of her dress. She really did look gorgeous in her witch costume. I also had to give it to her... she was an expert at roleplay.

I kissed the back of her neck lightly causing her to giggle. She gave my hand a playful slap as I lightly started to massage her shoulders.

"We still need to finish setting up." She reminded me.

I shrugged apologetically and nodded in agreement. As we both walked back into the kitchen. I asked her another question that was on my mind. "What was in that potion you gave me?"

"It was a pumpkin spiced latte. I put in some caramel, whipped cream and added shot of Kahlúa."

"That explains it."

Jenna grinned. "Just a thank you for coming early to help me with the party."

"It was really good."

I saw her smirk.

She handed me some orange and black streamers. "Let's get the rest of these up... no distractions this time."

I gave her a playful salute. "You're the boss" I said.
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