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Humans VS Succubuses! What could possibly go or be wrong?
Soccubuses exist to please humans, when they fail to please each other or when pleasing is considered to be much of a taboo.
Of course there's a downside to being a soccubus... Not being needed can be detremental for both races. But besides that, being created to please another being, sexually, leaves you with a purpose and without a bad body image.
Soccubuses need to drink life energy to substain themselves, when your life depends on others you stop playing nice. There are no rules and no punishments. As a soccubus you can't go to hell if you were spawned there.

In a dark candle lit room, a lonely mortal has sent a call to the devil himself. A request to send him his prettyest daughter, so he won't die a virgin (but pretty much a loser, a laid one).
He sat in the middle of the circle drawn with red chalk and sneered at his skin which took an even more weak, yellowish tone when illuminated by fire. In the circle was drawn a star, a bit crapily as he couldn’t find big enough ruler and his hands shook, a pentagon nontheless . At the end of each of star's rays were five candles, four made from red dyed wax and one was white (result of his poor planing that was drastically undermining the mood).
He was starting to think it didn't work; You’re to young to summon deamons, anyways. Start a band, like nomal seventeen-year-olds and chase plastic females!’ He scolded himself and wanted to run his hand throught his light blonde hair that fell down in straight pangs-
When deamons revealed their presence. It use to be more of them, but some got bored or decided he was below their standards. It was like hanging up an actual call, until only one of them remained.
He could feel her presence cooling the air. It was like a black hole in the darkest corner of his room, except black holes didn't posses illuminating, predatory eyes. Eyes that grasped your attention and could hold it, leaving you engulfed and- or they could come closer!
Fire flickered out, leaving eyes to appear even more dazzling and hungry, in the complete darkness. There was no time for comprehendshion of any kind, never mind options or what the hell he's just summoned.
His gravel-gray eyes started desperately scanning around as if he had emergency exits marked, he was apparently too fancy for a flash light even. The only thing he was sure of was the darkness and the fact that he had a strong instinc to just get the hell away.
Are succubuses suppose to be-?
Light level changed again as the candles re-lit themselves. Suprised he found himself still inside the same room. His small bedroom. Everything was still there; the bed, table, posters, computer, piles of laundry and trash... He wouldn’t have minded if the former had dissapeared.
She, that was nothing more than a conscious presence, took one look at him and changed her appearence to something that was disturbingly close to his sister. His big sis in a black bikini with her light blonde in two pigtails.
He jolted back, knocking over two of his five candles. Candles rolled on the floor, put out by the fall, leaving a trace of wax. Accidentaly he placed his right hand into a pool of still liquid red wax. Good side of the adrenaline is that you don’t notice stuff like that, until way later, when you also discover that wax, much like crayon, doesn’t go out of cloth just like that.

She cat walked closer- he did't dare to breathe- and lit the candles with her finger. Her hand gently stroke his cheak and her lips curled up like curtains to reveal normal human teeth that grew sharper in front of his eyes.
"What's wrong? Never fucked a soccubus before?" her eyes shined devilshly.
This was going to be one of the easiest dinners, yet. She clicked her fingers and her look morphed again-
"Don't worry, only pervs are into incest, unlike whatever you are." She gave a soft giggle and came really close, bit-his-ear-close.
He couldn't help himself to not stare, how she appeared so human was beyond his wildest imagination. She just sounded too human and too real.
He took a lock of her wheat colored hair between his trembling fingers and curled it. She felt so human too. Good, part of him got releaved.
His heart was pounding like crazy, somehow synced to his stomach that was turning rhytmically. It was too much like a washing machine, powered by guilt and adrenaline.
"Can-, em, y-you can change your appearence, right?" He sweated out. It wasn't that he wouldn't have fancied the clasic 'holywood blondie', it was just that he already had something on his mind.
She smirked and pressed her nose against his while holding his stare.
"To whatever you want daddy." Her tone was a strange mix of grave and ecstasy.
He mentally slapped himself. Right... of course, she was a soccubus after all. Her zest was distracting.
"Could you...em maybe..." Gee- why did he get so emberesed? His soul was probably already cursed and whatnot, his parents were not home and... There was no point in turning back now, there shouldn’t be...STOP OVERTHINKING YOU’RE ALREADY GOING TO HELL!
"Pshh, you can tell me. A furry?" She wispered the last word into his ear and all too mischeviously licked it like a dog. Her head sprouted a pair of dog ears and she wagged her tail, that definetly wasn't there before. She snarled. "So, doggy style?"
She went thoughtful for a second and grew a pair of twisted horns. “I’m told they’re a great hand placement.” Her voice was soaked in vigour as she gave out a cat like purr.
His stare was a definite N-O. Golden retrivers were ruined for him.
She tryed again and after no apparent reaction when she dissapared her clothes. She attemted to guessed one last time, taking a peak at the posters...
"Woah! Why do you look like an anime girl?!" Well this was going great...
She stepped back, standing aggitated and slapped him with her devil tail that replaced the fluffy dog one.
"Shit!" He whimpered out, the tail hurt just like a whip.
'Pussy.' she witsfuly sighed. No BDSM then...
Spinning her tail in her hand she thought for a bit, it could be a genuine mistake on his part-
"Did you want to call an incobus? You know, the dick-service?" her expresion remained casual as his turned fifty shades of red.
"N-no." He barely muttered out throught the steam. Usually, he abhored his hair for getting in his face, but this time they were like precious a hideout.
She hated to use this, it was her last reserve that meddled with her proffesional-ego and left her feeling amateur-ish. Ugh, what don't we do for food?
She read his mind.
She playfully arched an eyebrow and said in mocking disbelief. "You want me to look like your 'girlfriend'?" Saying it like she’s speaking to a small child.
He shyly nodded while failing to look higher than her ankles.
"Nice." she turned around, beaming. Her hair went black and seemed to get sucked into her skull. It no longer hanged down her back like a silky waterfall, instead it was neatly cut chin-high, leaving some spotlight for her beutiful, slender neck. She got taller and less curvy, her breasts were hardly there anymore. It wasn’t candelight to blame this time as her skin changed like a cameleon from orange tan to yellow honey.
Succubus twirled a bit like she was showing him off a new outfit. A cute new hispanic outfit.
There's something priding about getting offered to play the part, better than the actual human ever could.
He conspiciously gulped, minding a bit how she'd said that as his girlfriend was in fact very real. On the other side -She didn't seem to mind any of anything as she basicaly devoured him.

Soccubuses: 1, Humans: 0
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