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A story about a boy and his mom as they both end up in another world in their own way. R18
Purple eyes. I am chained in this room because of my eyes. I was born into a noble family in another world. When I was three, my magic manifested early, and my eyes turned purple, a sight that frightenes my superstitious new family. Now three years later Im six, stuck in a basement being fed scraps. I remeber little of my first life, this is my second, but it was at least better than this. Though this is probably payment for my actions.
Let me back up abit...

"Thats why, Masamune and I are getting married. He will be your new father Yato."

My head was buzzing at my mothers news, and not in a good way. The truth is, my mother and I have been in an illicit relationship. It began shortly after my dad passed when i was 9. Nothing grand, he was accidentally pushed down the stairs and the station near Odaiba, dyinf from a stroke as a result of a severe concussion. We were devastated, especially my mom. Rurune Sado, my mom, married my dad at 17 when she got pregnant with me. They loved eachother and made it work... until that day.

Three years after, our relationship began. I was 12, and i had seen her masturbating through her slightly open door. She kept saying dads name, with tears in her eyes. I felt sad for her, yet aroused at the sight of her youthful, smooth body. I got hard, and from that night on, mother occupied my fantasies.

It was the fourth time i watched her, that the door i leaned on creaked. I was certain she saw me, but yet she continued. After she finished, i snuck to my room and stroked myself to her beautiful body. It was three months later that she caught me. I snuck back to my room, and as I strocked my cock, I orgasmed and said her name. As i opened my eyes and looked up, i saw her standing in my doorway in her robe. Fear jolted through my mind as I tried to explain to her what I did.

"M-mom I uh... I'm sorry! Its not what you're thinking! Please d-" She sat next to me and put her hand on my penis, rubbing the glans. "I know its been hard on you too, sweetheart." Her sad eyes looked at me as she sweetly and slowly rubbed my shaft. "This isn't right... but if this csn help you... I'll gladly take your loneliness." She lowered her head to it and our relationship began.

Since then, we took it further and for the next two and a half years, we were intimate... until recently. During sex once she said my name, and looked alittle shocked. I was extremely happy. Afterwards I told her that I had found a good college near Kyushu. We could move to another prefecture, and take our relationship to the countryside after i graduate.

"You would give up what you have for me?" Mother looked at me, her eyes tinged with guilt. "Yes." I replied resolutely. "I know that many people wouldn't understand what we have, but Im willing to go this far so we can keep it." Since that day, my mom looked sad... and became distant.


I heard the door close and my mind jumped back to the present. The man left, and my mom returned to the couch unable to meet my gaze.

"...ur own future." "What?" I replied, my voice still hollow with shock. "I said... Its for your own future." My mom tearfully said.

"Who gets to decide that?" I said, my voice rising with each word. My mom shook as i asked her. "You said we would be together! Only you and me! This is the future I want! One with... with you!" Rurune began crying silently. "Im sorry... what I did was wrong. I never should have approached you then Yato. I... failed as a mother that day."

My throat felt like it had rocks in it. "You're choosing... to give this up? What we have together?" I said numbly, my voice wavering.

"I... know I'm unforgiveable. I can't have you lose everything because of my choice. Im sorry... son." My mother looked so small and frail on that couch. I got up and walked to my room.

"I will never live in the same house as that man, mom. I love you and only you. I can't share you like this. Its either him or me." I cant give up this woman who has my heart.

I closed the door behind me.


Six months have gone by and she is still dating him. I tried to reason with her, but she is set in her decision. I looked at the clock and the message on my phone.

"Staying out late tonight with Masamune. Food is in the fridge. This is for the best sweetie."

I know what shes doing with him. She thinks this is for my own good, but I don't care. I chose her. Shes the only person I want to be with and I would have climbed any mountain to make it work.

I picked up my bag and left the note on the counter. "I don't care if I have to live under a bridge for a while, if she wants him, then she can have only him." I sent her a reply "I am too." And left the phone on the counter. I took my wallet, closed and locked the door and walked down the street to find my new path.

Theres not alot of jobs that a 15 year old can do, but I managed to do some oddjobs for under the table pay here and there, enough for snacks and lodging from place to place. Every now and then i noticed papers hanging up with my face on them, and I would quickly leave to another area. Maybe I was wrong to be in a relationship with my mom, but it was my choice. Mayne I should have been more understanding about her position, but i want her to see where Im coming from too. I may just be a kid, a young teen, but I truly want to be the one that takes care of her, that makes her happy, that is intimate with her. I know Im damned.
Before I knew it, four and a half months passes.


I managed to save a decent amount of money, about 40 thousand yen. I worked my ass off while sacrificing sleep, but with this Im walking back home. I will show her this determination. That I can make things work out. She doesnt have to worry about my success because for her, I can move this mountain.

I turned the familiar corner to my street and my walk slowed and throat tightened, my palms sweaty. I know im an ass. I put her through so much for my selfishness. Just to show her Im a man. I know I dont deserve such a wonderful woman, but I still want to make her happy. I looked up at the all too familiar gate and the house on the other side. The lights were on, illuminating the dark surroundings.

My feet slowly trudged up to the door, my heart tightening up. What could I say to her? I had gone over this hundreds of times, but even now my words melt away. I laid my hand on the door. I breathed in deeply and made a fist to knock on it when i heard my moms coquettish voice... and the voice of a man I knew.

I froze. Slowly I walked around the side, to the light in my moms room. I saw the light peeking between to two curtains, and shadows moving beyond. I peeked in and saw a sight that froze my veins. Mom and Masamune were nearly naked on the bed. Engaged in foreplay. My mind went blank.

She looked aroused on the bed. Her face flushed. He kissed her nape as she moaned. She closed her eyes and turned her head away. He straddled her abit and and turned her face to him. Through the glass i heard him. "Rurune, don't worry. He will be found. Relax with me tonight. When we find him, we will help him become a family with us." My mom looked at him with watery eyes and said "I hope you're right. I just want him to have a good life." "I know." Masamune removed my mothers panties and readied himself. "Thats what makes you a wonderful mother." He pushed it into her.

My heart ruptured. I gritted my teeth as I saw the woman I loved embrace another man. I heard her reasons, but still couldn't accept them. I did everything I could to win her over, yet she has still given up on this. Angrily I leaned against the window and banged my fist.

Suddenly the room was quiet. I didn't realize it until light flooded my vision as the curtains were moved. I saw Masamune and my mom staring at me. "Hes here... Hes back!" Masamune ran to his clothes and hurriedly began putting them on. "Yato, hold on!" He shouted. My mom who first looked surprised became relieved when she saw me. However when I looked up, her smile left. She could see it on my face: hurt, sorrow, anger. I pushed the window open slightly and heard her say my name. "Yato... H-honey..." I shook my head and threw the envelope with my money inside. "This... was to show you how serious I was about you." She looked in the envelope and saw the money I saved. "I did it to show you that I could make it work out. That we only needed eachother." My voice got weaker "I guess only now I realize that I was the only one giving his all."

I steppes away from the window as my mom, my woman looked up, her face pale. "Yato Im... sorry. Wait... please wait!" I heard her voice fade as I ran.

I ran.

I ran.

As far as I could. All i could think of was her with that man. Giving up on our promise, our life. We were both the same. Stubborn and set on our decisions. I can't live with her, sharing her with another, Im done with this. I walked along the bridge, high over the river. I stepped over the edge of the rail and sat down, looking over the river. Everything i worked for, flowing further and further away. Our lives really derailed when dad died, and eny chance at a normal life ended when we had sex.

Our chance to move on had long passed, and yet she tried to while I tried to fight it. I leaned forward and fell weightlessly. Every move by both of us has just been one mistake after another. I finally regretted my choice nearly four years ago when my head hit the water, cracking my neck. I slowly sank deeper into the darkness as I faded away... A dark tunnel that would lead to another life.
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