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A list of complications that arise in Manicotti and Murder
There will be a number of complications.
Rita will almost get hit by a car. This will seem coincidental at first, but as more things happen, Antonio will believe this was likely an attempt on her life.
Antonio will befriend Betty and find she is going through much the same kinds of things that happened to his grandmother, leading her to lose his late grandfather’s restaurants, as well as the house that had been their home since they came to America. This will start the complications, as he is starting to understand someone is misusing the business funds. He will find out it is Gary, her nephew.
Another complication will come along when Ralf is killed. He was simply an alcoholic when he came to work for Antonio, without much of a future. Ralf and Antonio had become friends over the years. Ralf got his life together and became Antonio’s best chef, and eventually a back-of-the-house manager in the restaurant. Ralf would eventually take over Handi Mani at the amusement park – but that will not happen now.
Antonio will create his own complication when he goes to look into Gary’s life. This will bring him to the bad side of town where he will interact with the “seedy” element, attempting to get them to trust him.
Rita will be a complication throughout. She has a thing for Ralf, which Antonio thinks is the last thing Ralf needs. It was, after all, a woman, that brought Ralf to the point in his life he was at when he came to work for Antonio. But, as it turns out, Rita, even though she is a mess herself, is really trying to help. The complication will come because Antonio does not trust her and thinks she is just trying to start trouble.
I think there will be a fire, too, either at Handi Mani or Antonio’s Bistro. Of course, restaurants are subject to fire from time to time. It is a given. And this one will likely not look too questionable. But Antonio will know, by this time, that he is in danger. I am not sure if this happens before or after Ralf is killed, but I need to figure that out. The exact timeline is what I need next. I have it both ways in my mind.
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