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A list of literary devices for Manicotti and Murder
the car. The driver intends to kill her, but it will be revealed in the next chapter, when Ralf picks her up from the hospital, that she is definitely not dead.
Of course, there will be plot devices that push Antonio past a hurdle. This will happen when he finally decides to take that plunge into Gary’s world, supposedly looking for a contract killer. Something else that will push him past a hurdle will be when he finally trusts Rita and understands that she is right in everything she is saying about Gary.
I like to use a narrative hook, too, in the beginning. The story will start with Ralf telling Antonio that something strange, and likely dangerous, is going on at the amusement park.
I’m sure there will also be a plot twist, but I am not sure how it will work. Thinking about this, I think it will involve a character I haven’t thought about yet. There needs to be someone else to blame for things rather than just having Antonio not believe Rita. There has to be a reason he does not believe her. Is there someone else lurking around the park? Or maybe someone else on the midway that actually belongs there but could be up to no good? There will have to be a plot twist or maybe a red herring character that I need to develop. Maybe he even applies for a job at Handi Mani, and that is when things start to go wrong.
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