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Brainstorming my red herring character for Manicotti and Murder
This brainstorming is about my character. Let’s call him Eddie. He has a sketchy past. He is still borderline in trouble just about every day. He was in a gang of some sort, but got out last time he went to jail. He is trying to stay out of jail. He has a 3 year old old daughter and an ex-girlfriend who doesn’t really want to get back together with him, but wants a father for her daughter. Debbie’s problem (his ex), is she does not want Eddie running in and out of Gabriella’s life all the time. If he keeps going to jail, she feels that will be too stressful for Gabriella.
I think he might come and apply at Handi Mani, or Antonio’s Bistro. Maybe he applies at the Bistro, but Antonio doesn’t need another dishwasher. He does need some help for Ralf at Hani Mani, though. So he asks Eddie if he will work there instead. Eddie is just happy to have a job and start paying his child support again so he can see his daughter.
At some point, Ralf is going to wind up with the daughter at the Handi Mani while Eddie goes out and does who knows what. He would be telling Debbie he was taking Gabriella to the amusement park where he works so she could have some fun. But that’s not the case.
Eventually, we will learn that Eddie’s new girlfriend works there somewhere and he is actually off spending time with her, not getting into trouble. Okay – Rita will say he’s getting into trouble. This will make her less trustworthy when it comes to what she says about Gary.
Rita will be part of the problem here. She will be trying to protect Gary, so she will turn Antonio onto Eddie’s trail. His name may not be Eddie by the time I write about him, but that’s his name for now. He is really trying to get back in good standing with his child support and be a father to his daughter. But he just can’t seem to get Debbie to see that. That is why he does not want to bring the new girlfriend into it. What’s her name? Eddie’s girlfriend. Her name is Sheena. Sheena Debetski. Eddie Bart’s girlfriend is Sheena Debetski. Debbie Baker is his ex. For now, at least.
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