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Write a story that includes the words: dream, fly, water, 300 words or less.
Terran’s foot squished into the sopping wet grass as he stepped off the truck. The day was chilly, he made his way to the porch. This wasn’t his dream job, though it was his first day. He took this job for extra money as he looked for something permanent. He was as an executive with a large firm until he was let go by the new department head, Amir Jones, after just 3 weeks. A skeleton hung on the front door as he set the package down next to a carved jack-o-lantern that sat on the porch stoop.

He hopped back into the truck and started organizing the next round of packages. Sorting them by address, he glanced at the names on the boxes when he saw. AMIR JONES, 2018 SENTENCE DRIVE, PACKAGE 1 of 2. His stomach turned in knots. "The guy who terminated me. I can’t deliver this package to his house!”, he thought. It’s times like this when thoughts fly by. “He might have a video doorbell, which will record me delivering packages to his house. He will show my former peers, having a good laugh. Hey! Look at Terran delivering my Christmas packages!”

Terran took the driver’s seat. A load of water ran down the windshield. He was overwhelmed. Just then another driver pulled up alongside his truck. The driver said, “Hey, are you the new seasonal guy, Terran? I need you to take my truck back to the warehouse. I’m going to finish your route; so, I can leave early today.

Relieved Terran gladly made the switched. “Trouble averted”, he thought. The next morning as he started getting ready for his morning route, he looked down at the package in his hand and it read, AMIR JONES, 2018 SENTENCE DRIVE, PACKAGE 2 of 2.

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