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         On October 31st, this Halloween Day, the sky was a bright orange color. Spooking everyone in sight, monsters came out from nowhere, blanking the year out from the calendar. A strange person arose mysteriously above the earth in the midst of these monsters. Was this person good or evil? Kind of like a chameleon, this person changed its looks everywhere it went.

         Rather quickly, an eerie feeling flowed through the air. Because the evening was so still and quiet, everyone knew that something was bound to happen. A broom, a witch, and a very large black cat, began to dance in the distance. Covering up what there was, skeletons of all various shapes and sizes were singing and dancing. When the goblins encountered them, they began their gouly adventure. When the skeletons spoke, it was enough to make you want to jump out of your skin; they were very scary. Could you imagine how bare you would feel, if it happened to you? Just the thought of it would be enough to scare the living daylights out of somebody.

         Regarding the dangers that are out there in the world, in their efforts to speak truthfully to the Halloween Trick or Treaters, the letters of the alphabet were very artistic. An amazing event happened that would change the way the world is operating now. It was a fictional event; by putting a different perspective on reality, the world we live in would survive. Experiencing joy the way it was meant to be, in this event, the Kings and Queens would invite all of us, no matter what your race, to take a chance at singing karaoke, and to be a participant in a variety of dances. Without having to drink alcohol, take drugs, or smoke, the evening would be provided with a banquet where everyone could have fun. No one would be left out. It would be an unforgettable night, one filled with forgiveness, hope, friendship, and never-ending love.

         Losing a loved one can be devastating, especially when they are dear to your heart. Knowing that they were given the best health care possible, survivors wouldn't have to worry about them being abused; they would be welcomed everywhere they went.

         Halloween Day, The Cat Inside The Moon intrigued some guests to show up. The Yellow Jackets and the Honey Bees showed up wearing their best attire. Yellow Jackets are known to be interrogators, while the Honey Bees are known to be like honey, sweet, kind, gentle and loving. Well, as it turned out, the other guests at this event were called, "The Nicest Bunch Of People You'll Ever Know". They treated the Yellow Jackets with kindness, respect, and dignity. The Yellow Jackets took note of this and changed the error of their ways. Instead of being interrogators, they decided to sing at karaoke and dance like they've never danced before. Ending up having a lot of fun, they graciously thanked the hosts and guests for a job well done. Everyone was pleased that this event had worked out the way it was supposed to.

         The horse and the donkey were guests at this event. The horse danced a jig, sang a song, and had a good time at the banquet. Knowing how thick headed and stubborn donkey's can get, they came to the event in a cranky state of mind. The donkey's left with a joyful look on their face, when everyone enjoyed hearing the donkey's play the saxophone.

         The Rhinoceros and the Hippopotamus were guests at this event also. The Rhinoceros was one that liked to poke people with its horn, while the Hippopotamus told jokes that made a lot of people laugh. The Rhinoceros decided to play a tune with its horn; without taking a breath, the people wondered how it could play as long as it did. Delighted that it could play, the Rhinoceros sang all the way home.

         The Hummingbird and the Eagle were quite a pair; one was tiny, and the other one large. Whirring around a lot of good memories, the Hummingbird's wings beat so fast, that it made a beautiful sound. The Eagle made the scenery inside more beautiful than anyone could ever imagine. Making beautiful music together, everyone admired the strength that they had for each other.

         The Elephant and the Zebra have a close companionship. The Elephant had a huge trunk to carry, while the Zebra proudly carried its stripes well, announcing to the world that it had better back off from its pressures, otherwise, it would eventually blow its cork. They couldn't keep their eyes off of each other; this was a match made in heaven.

         Making them intelligent enough to understand the complexities of everyday life, deciding the fate of their smartness, the Penguin and the Seal were setting up a mystery. Nothing was too complex when they put their heads together to solve a problem.

         The Snail and the Pollywog had such a camaraderie, that everyone enjoyed watching them do amazing tricks in the water, known as "I Knew You When". On a sunny day, the water was as blue as the aquamarine birthstone of March, and as blue as the sky. The Snail's shell was as tall as the highest mountain, while the tail of the Pollywog wiggled happily about.

         The Mermaid and the Frog made such a gallant friendship that one would surely want. What made them unique, was the fact that they had one thing in common; the Mermaid kissed the Frog that turned into a Prince. Don't ever underestimate the power of a kiss. In the blink of an eye, one's fortune can be determined. In gold, a crown is worth a thousand words; the most beautiful story ever told.

         The Hermit Crab and the Swan; the most unusual pair that one could ever imagine. Going to this event was like a dream come true. Nothing could tear them apart; two hearts, solid as a rock. Without a pinch or a bite, it was love at first sight.

         The Fish and the Sailor were suited or the Tailor. The Fish guided the boats into a safe harbor, so that the Sailor could go to the Barber. The Fishes made a wish one day, that it wouldn't be put into a dish. It wouldn't be a disappointment to eat at the diner, if one appointment could lead us to the finer things in life.

         The Swallowtail Butterfly and the Guppy were the best fashion designers the world has ever seen. Creating unique patterns that would sweep you off your feet, was the Swallowtail Butterfly, while the Guppy swam around with many new ideas. A spectrum of radiance emitted a sparkle from the most beautiful fins of the Guppy. A shining example of peace came from the Swallowtail Butterfly, as it flew by with the gentleness of a lamb.

         The children wore dazzling costumes this Halloween night, they brought hope, joy, comfort, peace, understanding, and love. This all came about because of the cat inside the moon on Halloween night. With the world being in a jumbled up mess, everyone needed to laugh and have fun. An occasion such as Halloween doesn't have to have evilness; it can turn itself around with everlasting friendship.

         With an extended time of gratitude, a composed spirit would encompass the townspeople. Giving them hope for the future, it was a time to reconcile from past hurts, disappointments, and bruises that have lingered on for decades; those moments that couldn't be forgotten. Like a thorn in the flesh, these moments would tear you apart.

         A small child, innocent as can be, is born in a world where you have to keep your guard up all the time. In a time when they should be having fun, it's such a shame when they have to experience calamity. Children should feel safe and secure in their environment. I remember the time when I could ride my bicycle, swing on a swing, go up and down on the teeter totter, play ring around the Rosie, king of the mountain, foursquare, and dodgeball, without having any fear of danger. Those were the days when kids could be kids.

         In this event, the Tires on the Cars would be talking to their drivers, telling them when they were going too fast or too slow, when they needed to take a rest from driving, and where it needed to go. The Tires notified the driver where the lowest rates on motels would be, and where the best vacation spots were. What awesome Tires they were! In this relationship, the comfort zone was ideal; the Tires made sure the driver had everything he/she needed to help make them feel relaxed. Having all the eyes and ears that anyone could ever imagine, the Tires could transport their driver to planets that no one knew existed. Planet U was the place to go where any dream or fantasy could be experienced. Relaxation is the key on Planet U; it was the perfect place for escaping the drudgery on Planet Earth.

         Halloween Day, The Cat Inside The Moon is full of many wonders, taking you to places that you've never been to before. Miracles will be performed and happiness would be something that would continue on without sorrow and heartbreak. Enjoyment would be without alcohol, drugs, or smoking. An asset that keeps everyone extra happy, is to be surrounded by friendly animals. Joyous celebrations would be accompanied with the best bands and the best singers. Karaoke's will be held with more fun and dancing. Loved one's would delight in seeing performances that would bring many smiles to the audience.

         Horses play a significant role on this Halloween Day, by speaking about the love they have for everyone. Comfort would be a sure thing in their eyes, inviting you to get on their backs for the best rides ever. Beforehand, the thrill of the ride, with the gentle wind blowing through your hair, calms the anxiety you might have been feeling. You can have a good time with the horses and ponies that you've grown up with. When no one would listen to you, you could talk to your horses; you could always count on them. After talking to them, you knew that you would be okay. It sure feels nice to have someone listen to you. Horses wouldn't downgrade you or make you feel unloved.

         The black cat wanders on throughout the night looking for someone to love. This is a lucky cat, not an unlucky one. The superstition that says that it's bad luck for a black cat to cross your path, is about to change for the better. It will be a good sign; once you love a black cat, it will be purring in your lap for a long time to come. A black cat's purr will be the happiest time in your life; you'll feel loved and protected. The feeling of security and confidence will never let you down; a frown will be non-existent; you'll have the most beautiful smile that you've been dreaming of. What a beautiful sensation that leaves you tingly all over. Signifying bad luck, rather than having the number thirteen (13) perceived as an unlucky number, it will have good vibrations. So that fear wouldn't be a factor for panic, anxiety, and apprehension, the intention of all this, is to restore confidence to the people.

         A time of peace in this world would be ideal. Restoration and renewal is something that we can receive, be thankful for, and rejoice in. Living in a world where hatred didn't exist, is a world where compassion would be felt, and no ill will would be found. What a beautiful world this would be! Humans and animals would get along, and corruption would not be remembered. All races will come together, and the ugliness of the past will not exist. Forgiveness gives new meaning to life.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Saturday, October 24, 2020
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