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by jaya
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2236133
Do you believe it?
Something different happened on that night.

Vivek and Ria were happily married. Their love was deep and it allowed no misunderstandings.

She had a seven-to-one teaching job, and his was an eight-to-four engineer’s job in the Shipyard. During their absence, Vivek’s mom, who lived with them, busied herself with reading and chatting with the neighbors. When Ria returned from school, they would dine together exchanging news of their day.

In the evening, the couple would go upstairs to the terrace to look at the stars and relax in the cool air.

On that night, they stood at the parapet wall looking at the distant sea and the emerging stars. Suddenly, something had flown by with a “swoosh.” Ria saw a white owl perching on the wall close by.

“Look, Viv, look what we have here!” she whispered.

The bird was clearly outlined in the starlit darkness. It had pure white feathers and a long smooth body. Its eyes glistened. It perched there in its white glory, gazing around. A few minutes later, stretching its wings wide, it flew away towards the temple.

“Ma, we saw a white owl on the terrace,” said Vivek, during dinner.

“Oh, really, it is supposed to bring you luck and warn of danger too.” said mom looking up at him.

“Come on mom, I don’t believe that.”

On the next day, at the work spot, a crane went out of control and Vivek missed it crashing down on him narrowly. On the same evening, the boss gave him a promotion letter.

At home, his mom slipped and fell. Neela, their neighbor helped her. It wasn’t serious.

Ria’s principal told her that her application for part- time PhD was cleared.

Perhaps reward for their hard work and the visit of the white owl coincided, thought Vivek.

Word Count: 300

Written for “Authors’ Hut”

Prompt: On that night.
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