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words or phrases that SHOW emotions....remember the key is to SHOW don't tell....
Below are words or phrases that show different emotions I used. Change whatever you think works for you.

Amusement: exchanging knowing looks with other; making joking observations; a twinkle of mischief in the eye; smirking, bemused smile. Suppressed amusement: clamping lips together; swallowing laughter; biting lip to hide smile; a reddening face; turning away to hide a smile.
Annoyance: sighing heavily; narrowed eyes; crossed arms; clenching jaw; hands briefly clenched; giving a glassy stare; rolling eyes; upward glance; light sarcasm; a sharp tone; rubbing the brow.
Anger: flaring nostrils; sweeping arm gestures; a high chin; noisy breathing; cutting people off when they speak; cracking knuckles; eyes that are cold, hart, flinty; a reddening face; lips that flatten or curl; a vein the pulses or twitches; snapping at people.
Conflicted: opening and closing the mouth; a smile that wavers; becoming quieter, less animated; asking questions to gain more insight; rubbing or pinching the bottom lip; a pensive expression; brows pulling in; looking downward; rubbing a hand through hair; blowing cheeks out;
Curiosity: a slow smile that builds; leaning forward, sliding one’s chair closer; nodding slowly; bending, squatting, or kneeling to get closer.
Frustration: shaking the head; pointing with an index finger; clenched jaw; an impatient snort or cursing under the breath; throwing hands up in the air in an I give up gesture; a heavy sigh.
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