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Two Lauras in the same room...What!?
Laura knocked on his door and Cracker barked his head off at Antonie's dad when he came to open them. His dad was a total(ly) GIT. Grim, Idealistic, Tall (or tacky, depended who you asked) and a 100% not a person anyone would bark at, besides Mrs Firewood, Antonie’s mom, who was a total NUN. Nonchalant, Uninterested, Nevermind. She was NUN about most things, but not dogs. Dogs were the one thing she was un-NUN about and made her, ironically, bark at her husband. And yet they’ve produced Antonie, whom they loved and who was just SLEEPING.

Antonie's eyes fluttered to life at the alarming sounds of Laura gaining proximity to his room. He never noticed how fast she could walk up the stairs, though. Shit!- he actually fell asleep last night, or maybe, more likely, he time traveled.
He scrambled out of bed and disorderly began to clothe himself with whatever he could find. Thank Goodness for his messy habits, there were actually tones of clothes, due to be washed, on the floor within his very reach! He was jumping some pants on when Laura, thank goodness for her good habits!- knocked.
“Antonie? Can I come in? I came for the walk...” She almost whispered. Antonie wondered how come she's gone shy when she'd been in his room before. Wait, has she?
Looking for some socks he shouted back, panicking. “A-a minute!”
Cracker barked downstairs and Antonie panicked some more, because he remembered his mom hated dogs and yeah, because someone blew behind his ear.
“Hey, hon. Tell her we're busy, will you?” She said scornfully.
Antonie cackled and rolled away, still scrambling for socks. Did he really need socks? Probably not that much. It just seemed easier to start with little tasks. You know, before he has to think of a way to get Laura back after she sees 'the other her'.
“Fuck!” He squeaked. Looking around he even considered the bathroom window for a moment. Okay, two moments. Now, was the third time...
Hands slithered around his waist while he was distracted, succubus locking him into her grasp from behind. “That's what I'm talking about!” She gave him a squeeze.
Behind the door Laura checked her watch. “Antonie? You okay?”
Antonie's gaze fell upon the door, it was all hopeless wasn't it?
Succubus nuzzled her nose into his dark blonde hair. “I've never told you, have I?” She spoke softly. Antonie's stomach acid bubbled and he could start to feel it in his mouth.
“Why we're called sucubuses? Well, it's because people succumb to US!” She growled with her voice growing louder and more demonic with each word, her eyes brightened like sparkles were lighted up behind them and her grasp became rough with inhuman strenght.
Antonie got pang stricken by fear and urge-driven he managed to break free. He also managed to flop on the floor with the loudest bang.
Laura broke into the Antonie's annexed room and found him crawling at the lighting speed. Task in procedure proved to be 'running for his dear life'. It got interrupted rather quickly as he forgot to watch ahead and crashed at Laura's knees, taking her down with her.
Surprised she gasped as she went down to meet the floor. Her fall got cut by a pile of hoodies and underwear that saved her a broken back. Frustrated and disgusted she started to curse under her breath something inaudible. Mostly inaudible...
“Antonie! You jerk, what's wrong with you!?” She picked a black underwear and slapped him with it. Antonie just stared at her with big blank eyes, black underpants covering one of them. She then revolted and tried to push him off. “Ugh!” She grunted in effort.
Maybe it was him, the smell of the clothes, or a succubus sitting on top of Antonie, or maybe all three, because for some reason that didn't seem to work for her.
Antonie may as well be dead; he failed to move or comprehend what was happening around him. What. Was. Happening? Did he die? Broke his neck when crashing at his girlfriend's legs?
“Ahem-!” Antonie's dad exclaimed revealing himself to be watching them from the door. He looked down and knocked lightly on the doorway. “Excuse me for interrupting, but-”
'A bit late for that' Laura thought and stopped wrestling lifeless Antonie and finally just kicked him off. Antonie sensed a light change in his altitude and dishearteningly blew underpants off his face. His dad wasn't impressed, not in the least. “Antonie I have to talk to you.”
Laura was flushed as she patted her clothes and fixed her hair with her hands in a futile attempt to regain her dignity. “I'll wait outside, Mr Firewood.” she was already halfway to the door-
Man, can that woman walk fast!
“I'm afraid that won't be necessary. Laura, something came up. Please, go home. It was nice to see you. Good-bye.” Mr Firewood went to close the door.
“Um, o-okay. No problem. By-” she started to say but he had already slammed the door in her face.
On the other side Antonie got strange waves of nostalgia as he was, like this morning, listening to her footsteps. This time they were leaving him, leaving him alone in his room with his dad.
It was hard to decide who was cooling the air more; his father or the giggling Laura who was closely watching his very moves.
Mr Firewood gazed around the room and sighed, he was dissatisfied and that made Antonie tense-up.
“So...” Antonie brushed his hand though his hair, trying to sound relaxed while keeping one eye on the deamon.
His dad turned to him and checked him out. “You've got you're pants on wrong.” He pointed out.
Antonie grimaced in questioning if he was hearing this right. “Oh.” He gave in after he tried to put his hands inside of his pockets. “Maybe I do, heh.” His voice died out.
His dad sighed again. “Your appointment got rescheduled to this afternoon.”
Antonie fell silent for a moment. “Oh...right.” His mouth felt dry and he struggled to swallow. “Thanks. I'll, I'll get ready.” He stared somewhere in the distance, missing out on the succubus climbing on his dad's shoulders.
His dad stood still, maybe even looking for a way to reach out to him, but Antonie will never know because his dad had just nodded and left.
Two months ago Antonie would breath out and break down in sobs, but now he only decomposed onto his bed and buried his head in his pillow. What an utter mess!
Suddenly he felt someone massaging him.
“Dramas are the highlights of my 'job'. I'm assuming your girlfriend doesn't know about...? Oh, dear!”
Antonie weakly screamed, pillow muffling him.
“Am I dreaming?” He asked. “Why couldn't they see you?”
“Aww, I know, I know, I'm dreamy!” She placed a kiss on his head.
For some quite obvious reasons Antonie felt like crying. Brutally loud kind of crying. Possibly in German.
“Just give me a hand job?” He wanted to be distracted, even if just contemporaneously.
“I think a finger job would be more appropriate.” She climbed and sat on top of him.
He lifted his head. “What? Oh, I see. Very clever. Hilarious. Just give me a blow job then.” He hoped that would shut her up, even if just contemporaneously.
Being invisible to parents; Succubuses: 3, shutting up; Humans: 1
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