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by bozik
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Young Adult · #2236210
A week later Anthonie's all fired up! But guess who's back?
Week later; Antonie was all fired up, braved up by the list of paper he was holding in his hand, ready to face his mom. It looked like any ordinary piece of paper except this one had a very important mark, in red ink on it, that was flamboyantly eye catching, but not flatering to anyone who could read. He busted into his house a bit to fiercly and slammed the paper on the kitchen table.
“I’ve got a D+!” He looked up to his dad’s eye level, expecting to raise some weird glances and to get rebuked, only to find dad’s usual spot empty. He momentarly lost ability to command his body as the blank of his brain petrified him.
Antonie had spent the whole way home preparing for this moment. Planning, directing his moves, writing the script inside of his head. It had to be perfect and now his parents couldn’t even honor him enough to show up to his 15min of fame. He felt as if he had spent his whole life training and waiting for his moment to shine and now he finds out it all had been pointless. His quest, his dragon has never existed and what is he suppose to do now?
He need not ask, his bodice was already half turned towards the steaming soup and his hand was already out streached for a spoon.
“I know you have D+, sweatheart.”
Antonie grieved an undoubtfuly ‘manly’ scream while his mind was trespassing windows again. He tried to come out mighty, but he might-y have done something wrong. Thinking, about how his soul should try reincarnating somewhere where tightly together pressed limbes presented an image of power and absolute composture, Antonie flinched his head to peak.
Up until the last moment delusions seemed such a tempting reality to live in, althou he wasn’t sure if he could cling onto them for much longer, after his eyes confirmed that it was ‘Her’.
His head was supposte to turn right back and he was soup-poste eat soup, he was patrified, once more without a proper response or reaction. Antonie looked like a deer in the headlights, it was Her!! She wasn’t supposte to be here no more than a road should be in the middle of the forrest.
She! The! Other! Laura! The one he had, a month ago, chased out with holy water which is never a good kind of goodbye.
“Sup dude! So…” She read his mind to help her come up with a good ice breaker. “Remeber hoe I use to spoon you?” She was once again in the darkest of the corners. Evenso that their kitchen barely had one you couldn’t argue she was the one who’d sucked out the light of it.
Antonie shakily made his way to the chair, which he grabed hastly for support, the chair had been a meter away but his newly crippled legs made it unreasonably difficoult.
“Wa-Wha-t, do you want?” He said; scared she was here with her brothers and sisters for vengance.
“Thought you knew, clever guy.” She waved his math test in front of his face, letting the D+ plus shine on.
“I’m here because, I’m a-dick-ted.” She slammed the test just like he did only moments ago.
Antonie jumped when she slammed the test and sighing afterwards slightly shaking his head. Dang, it was only monday and in those few minutes he had gone throught more emotions than a girl on period in an american movie! Damn that’s tiring.
Soccubuse puffed through her lips at his hanging, shaking head.
“Fine, I was in the neighborhood and just came to-”
Antonie finished the sentence for her in his mind.
Soccubus pouted. “Whail yes, you lecherious mortal.”
“Am not. You’re the lecherious one.” Antonie said slowly, turning around forthe third time now to check the shadow for any possible demon army closeby. There was a specific looming, creaking that sent him shivering.
“No.” She giggled like it was a cute common mistake. “I’m the leech-erious one. Except unlike leeches,I don’t suck blood.” She smiled like she was giving an obscene-free biology lesson to a first grader.
Antonie, surprisingly, got annoyed knowing it’ll take the best of him to resit headbutting throught the wall of jokes and teasing that the succubus always put there whenever he asked a half decent question. It was like talking to his ancient grandad who slept with a bible under his pillow, about science and homosexuals.
Pretty much imposible as both parties mostly wanted to resolt to p(r)etty Catholic methods of burning persons. That seemed like a reasonable deed in this case, considering the situation. He only wished he knew where the nearest lighter was and that he had the balls to do it.
“How-What do you want?” He tried again, trying not to anger her while he fished for information. Initially he was still being cautious of the army for the weird sounds haven’t ceased.
“I’ve told you.” She said looking at him, spread over the table, her hands almost touching him. The reflection of her hands in the glass table made her seem like an octopus. Antonie shifted uncomfortably.
She was on the other side of the table although it seemed that not for long. Laying her chin on the table, as well, she closed her eyes for a bit. That allowed Anthonie to take a better look at her. She still looked like Laura, but her hair wasn’t shiny as ussual and her skin was missing the smooth and soft effect, that is to say her reflective skin and mirroring glass should be producing something of a disco ball. To think about it, it seemed like her whole usual vigour was missing. The circles under her eyes were a big give away. Tired, she looked less like models in commercials and more like the Laura he knew, a honest, hardworking student. She appeared endearlingly human, perhaps that was one of her ‘endorsment’ tactics.
Without noticing Antonie was leaning closer and closer to her face until her neon cat-eyes flashed opened and she grabbed him by his shirt. Being suddenly snatched like that Antonie dashed back and fell on his back, knocking over his chair in the process and pulling her with. She landed on top of him light as a feather eventhough she was in her physical form. Antonie greeted the floor once more and and promped himself up with his hands. Without his proper consent his brain worried a bit about the fact he was able to pull her over with such an ease...But then again she was a succubus, manipulative sex deamon who was already slidind her hand down his stomach and about to open his zip.
Antonie grabbed his zip first, forgetting he kinda needed that hand in order to stay up like that. Spoiler alert! He lost his balance and would have half rolled somewhere if it wasn’t for-
“This is where you tell I’m gonna get knocked-up and over better than that chair did.” She said siriously, it was more of a command.
Antonie, still gripping his zip, wriggled like a lobster, cooking alive in some pot, unable to escape and incredibly red. “No! You can’t answer the simplest of my questions. Why should I do anything for you?”
“Ugh! Fine, what do you want to know?” She gave up on his zip and ploped down on his stomach, lying in wait.
“Em, ok, what do you want? Why are you back?” Antonie wondered if this counted as working under pressure and if he could put any of this on his CV.
She mumbled something into his crotch. Antonie cursed and lifted her head. Laura 2.0’s facial expresion was leaning towards satisfied and for some reason Antonie didn’t feel like letting her get away with it. He asked her to repeat.
“It’s just that when you’ve been a succubus for as long as me, you learn to spot and appreciate a good hardware.” She smiled inocently and blew some hair off her face.
“What?” Quacked Antonie.
“Hon, not even succubuses like software.” She said like its the most obvious thing she wasn’t talking about computers.
‘That’s as good answer as I’ll ever get.’ Guessed Antonie and grabbed her head when she started to slip away.
“There’s my answer, love. You know I don’t take paypal.” She pulled a bit harder and her eyebrows frowned.
“Don’t you ever slow down a bit? Rest?” He spat out, tired of her nature.
Too bad she was as witty as she was sexy. “You still have your clothes on bucko.” She sneered.
Right…but…. “Don’t you drink or-”
“Yes I drink Smut-ies. Are we done now?!”
Antonie loosened his grip and she freed herself before he could blink.
“Now…” She climbed him and went in for a kiss. Antonie moved and his leg hit one of the kitchen chairs. He immediately remembered he was still in the kitchen, in the middle of the kitched, on the kitchen floor, in his parents’ house!!
Where the hell where his parents?! Math test didn’t matter now, maybe a bit, It’s always better if your parents dissapear after they’re proud of you than before, is all that it’s going to be said regarding.
“Laura! I mean, deamon! Where are my parents?” He effortlesly lifted her. Holding her bi her wrists while kneeling on the floor he stared into her pensive luminous eyes.
Dang how his positions are changing today. More changeable than the value of currency.
Succubus’ face was blank, then an idea appeared to have crossed her mind. It was like someone lit a candel inside her head or turned on a switch.
“Oh, yeah! Your dad still owns us a threesome! Good thinking Antonie!” She lit up even more and wanted to run somewhere. Antonie didn’t allow that and pulled on her wrists.
“I was going to get your parents?” She looked at him confused.
“They’re here?” Antonie asked. There was a moment of silence and Antonie had an epiphany himself. The creaking and occasional slamming weren’t the product of an upcomin demon army. It was his parents. In the living room. Anthonie felt sick and ran to the sink.
His eyes sadly romed to the soup not far away, now mild temperature.
Soccubuses : 3 Humans; At least not a demon army?: 3
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