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by bozik
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Drama · #2236211
Why Anthonie had so many hoodies? Now you know he probably has a bike as well! Gang-Gang!
Laura was unsuccesfully trying to use her hand as an sun-shield and her eyes needed a second to readjust as she had spent her former days inside.
She could swear her eyes and those old TV sets had something in common, they both displayed some weird spectrum full of specks of colors, when disrupted, perhaps some equalent of commercials to keep you entertained while they dealt with tehnical difficulties.
Much like with tose TVs a picture eventually build itself in front of her. A picture of a lovely evening and it would continue to be quite lovely if not for one silhuette running closer.
Laura’s eyes half closed again and she could make out a boy who steared to a sudden stop, turned around and shouted something after pointing directly at her.
Laura was astonished and started gliding astern, towards the door she just had passed a moment ago. She swinged her head around as if she didn’t notice a whole gang of bike equiped hooded teens heading her way. Her nonchalant scout around had told her that there were still plenty of people lingering around, couple of proffesors even. They wouldn’t dare assoult her in the middle of school grounds, yet they seemed to know exactly who she was or how she looked like as they could havepicked any of the 1000 of students that went to the same medical high school.
A year away from graduation, Laura refused to allow herself to get a bad repuntation now. It would be formidable in the future, besides no-one ever heard of a succesful doctor with ‘gang relations’ written in her record.
Her hand twitched and for her to get purposelly lost in the crowd of fellow students, but on the other hand she experienced a totally differend kind of itch. Somewhat adventerous kind of itch that relished risky bits and moments. And even more it yearned for those type of moments to be turned into opportunities that unfolded into memories and epic cristmas-dinner stories.
Frankly she was more than only vaguely intrigued, besides they were just a heard of kids who rode bikes because they were too young to (legally) drive cars. Surely they were no match for her and a yard packed with security officers and proffesors? Couldn’t she just deny- well, she honestly didn’t know them. If anything goes wrong she’ll just accuse them of stalking, she truly didn’t have a clue of where they learned of her. Very intrigued indeed!
Gang gathered around somethind like basketall players when they’re hatching a plan and stared into someone’s phone?
Laura readjusted her school bag that weighted an elephant and a pile of books that she was afraid would get absoluttely squished inside that territory-battlefield and she set sail, her expression placid as she was probably just imagening things.
Well, back behind a desk and forth of books she went. She had to stop herself from sighing and straightened her back, later ended up challenging with a full schoolback proving gravity to her with every step she took, but it wasn’t a matter of difficoulty, it was a matter of pride and stamina; it was a statement to herself that has tones of it left and that it’ll take a much more adventerously superior sidetract to get her, well, sidetracked.
She realised she was holding her breath and her eyes occasionaly glanced back to the group who was awfully busy arguing oversomething, as she slowly strolled by.
‘Get a room’ she sighed and promped her books again. Why would she want anything with such primitive creatures? And yet she was prolonging her steps, there was something ominously appealing anside that closed daisy of boys.
Laura had to, despite her effords, eventually pass them by.
‘Guess this will be one of the things I’ll never know.’ she said to herself in a disgustingly consoling tone.
She never would have known if that daisy haven’t had proved to be a sunflower and Laura was their sun. On her back she could feel half a dozen stares aimed at her like red-laser dots of sniper guns.
Shifting her books onto her right hand, who wasn’t going to last much longer, merely by itself, it could only barely support the grand loan (ups)load of education, Laura pretended to check time on her watch. She sharpened her ears and positioned her wrist so that it served as a rear mirror.
“Das her man, I’m telling ya!” A boy in black hooded jacket declared.
Chocholate skinned guy in gray next to him wasn’t so sure. “No, they’re just both Latino looking and we’re gonna come out racist!”
“Are you calling me racist? You better rap out an apology!” Jacked barked.
“Chill! Maybe they’re relatives?” A third voice intervened.
“What did I just say about being a racist prick?” Gray got himself some snide murmurning until another lad vented out. “What have we got to loose here? Just ask! You’re all just pussies.”
“This was your idea!” Someone ponited out, but Laura couldn’t figure out who because it was really difficult for an outsider to follow up they’re havoc like dialouge, especially with a limited view.
“Is this even the right school?” One of them burped, fed up and tired.
“How many mechanichal highschools do you think there are around here?” Jacked howled on the verge of dispair. That triggered a bunch of other guys that jumped in to defend their case.
They were so busy scuffling that they failed to notice an intruder among their ranks.
Laura awkwardly cleared her throath. “This is Medical High, Mechanichal is across the country.” As soon as she proclaimed that, the sunflower disintergrated, its segments withered in surprised wonder and like in shadow theather they formed a brand new shape; something very close to the turtle formation in ancient Roman times except with bicycles.
Laura shared their uncertainty, but unlike them she didn’t flinch like they were sleeping and someone had dumped icy water on them. Were they wary of the officers? Laura wondered why.
The way they gawked at her she partialy expected one of the them to call her a witch and then others would follow, running her over with their BMX vehicles.
Taking a better look at them Laura got a sudden pang that she knows them from somewhere. She struggled with recalling from where, it was like remembering someone’s name, someone who you used to know, having it at the tip of your tunge.
Basically they were just a bunch of teens in hoodies and on small trick bikes, so what? The City was filled with their kind, what made those so special? Laura had no idea.
The boy with the phone, who seemed to conduct their moves, slowly fished the device from his pocket and checked something once more.
“So, we have to get to the Mechanichal High?” One of the boys bluntly asked. He had medium long blonde hair and he was conspiciously shoter than others. There was also this childlike chubbynes about him that made him distinguisly younger.
“Shut up Milo!” The phone guy said cheesed off at the stupidity of Milo’s question, he was met with a warning kick from a skyscraper dude who looked like the kid’s older brother, however his figure was nothing short of a slab plank. Laura’s studious nature made a note that they were probably half-brothers as their eye color was outrageously unlike.
“You fucking zip it!” he said. Afraid that she’s going to get ‘involved in a gang fight’ jolted down Laura interupted them:
“Sorry, I just overheard you, you’re looking for someone?”
One of the hoodies turned towards the others and ran his hand trought his hair.
“It’s her, I’m telling you. Same fucking overpronounciation.” Black jacked said with all the swag he could muster.
Laura’s head sarted ringing and she was absolutely sure it weren’t the wedding bells, she had heard that remark before, delivered in that peculiar manner.
She was onto something when her hand shook one last time before giving in like a tree branch and letting her precious fragile books down.
They helped her pick them up, she didn’t apreciatte the way them handled them, like they were some worthless sticks they’ve found in the forest, eventhough she thanked them while she dusted the covers of her poor darlings.
Anyhow the closeups turned up a memory switch inside her head. The space that had lighted up was pretty dusty and vacant, she didn’t return to that memory at all and it had almost decomposed. Laura knew her resons for not feeling penitent about it, in all honesty she was eagerly waiting for her every-two-months-brain rebooth so that she would really be rid of them for good. Sadly it was a bit less than two months ago and now it would take her that time again until they were sent into the oblivion-abyss, in any case she prided herself in forgeting their names.
They were-
“Were Antonie's friends, we met that one time at the mall, I think?” Blue hoodie said and handed her her last book. Laura wanted to say that she knew exactly ‘what’ they were as well, but she decided to postpone it for when all of her darling would be safely nestled in her guarding hands.
“No it was a parking of the skate park.” Laura corrected him. She also remembered that she found them anything but likeable. Entertaining at best and that was the reason they’ve met for what she thought would be the first and the last time.
“Yup, That’s her! What up doc? Cured any sex cancer yet?” Jacked high-fived gray and they giggled like two toddlers, hence it was a miracle they knew how to walk, sorry, ‘ride’ their two wheeles.
Laura rolled her eyes at the vulgar remark. ‘Get a life!’ was written all over her face and her hand twitched again, this time in anguish to express a certain insolent gesture. That monkey should deem himself lucky her books were there.
“Eh, you got your hair cut, too bad I can’t say the same for her skirt.” Guys have an aproving holler at the white hoodie’s remark and cheered some more after one of them said it was a shame because Antonie like her legs. Ugh, it was a bunch of man-egoes playing each other now, to Laura’s utter disgust the air reeked of testosterone.
“State your business or I’m calling the guards.” She said annoyed, because her lovely white skirt, whom was just about over her knees, was going to be closeted for months now. There were many uniform-skirts which were much shorter, but of course they were imune to logic. They best not mention her business-casual shirt sprinkeled with cherry blossoms!
“Dang.” It was the Blue again. “She should get clothes to match her attitude. Ass-tight. More cheering and fists bumps topped with some ‘boo’s as she started to casualy walk away.
This was the reason she hated to even look at them. It dragged Antonie down for the whole 20%- associations with the lowest of the low scums!
One of the despicable scums, the Skyscraper caught up with her on his bike.
“Hey, Laura! Antonie's been ghosting us.”
“Good.” Laura uttered with a tone you use when telling someone to go die in a ditch.
She should have simply went home and cram some medical terms. Vivisection being the one that popped out the most, for an unknown reason.
Laura speeded up her steps, she was on the verge of running but her pride forbit her from doing so, eventhough she would give her left leg to leave the dude eating her dust, but realisticaly he had a bicycle and unnaturally long legs!
“No it’s not… Listen” It wasn’t a moment when he was again by her side as he set to explain. Laura was irritated because he didn’t get the revulsion her words were saturated with and because the rest of them began to follow up behind.
‘Great!’ Laura thought, ‘The whole parade escort me home!’, but she bit her tunge from saying it, glaring at Skyscraper who probably wouldn't get the essential sarcastic drift of it.
“Why should I? You think you can just turn up here uninvited and make a request after harassing me?” her voice rocketed up and a couple of heads turned, more of them actually, it’s hard not to attract attention with a whole pageant of hoodies and their damn neon two-wheeled-sits!
“Yo,” He started saying like she was some horse that reared up. “Just listen. Seriously, we’ve been here everyday for the last two weeks. I mean the school is huge and it was hard finding you.” Maybe it was unintentional but Laura couldn't help but feel the ‘you should be happy’ as the sub-tone of this messege. That was revolting as it implyed that she should express some sort of graditute toward them, on account of hunting her down for two weeks?
Skyscraper was absentmindetly doing little jumps and afterwards reared up himself, riding on his back tyre. He was waiting for her to say something first. It was like he just passed her the move or the microphone, Laura didn’t fancy that much.
“Cute but that doesn’t exuse you. And I still don’t know why.” Laura made another point on her list with reasons why she dubbed them unbeareble. Eye contacts didn’t exist in their world; those swaggers only knew bike-contacts and boob-glancing.
“Exuse who? I’m the one being nice here!” He came back down on two wheeles so she could clearly see his shocked disbelieving expresion.
“Yes, you’re doing me a real honor here. How do I make it stop?”
He chuckled and spit on the sidewalk. Yes, another reason why. Some sort of marking territory. Must be inevitable considering they’ve missed one or two evolutionary steps.
“You’re funny.” He said.
“Get a roooom!”
“Yo, Ed! Try to keep in mind she’s Antonie's girl before you take heeer!
“Hoo! HOO!”
Laura frowned. They were catching up, well, they could have done that ages ago, they just enjoyed looming from behing and-
“Nice booty! Laura, your too!”

Thankfully the guard had finnished his dounut and could no longer pretend he doesn’t hear the complaints of the students and that he’s loved.
“Laura tell him off!” They whisteled, too bad she wasn’t a dog.
“Fuck off!” She finally conceded and set her hand’s most passionate desire free, flipping off a peerless middle finger.
They’ve been met with a couple of stange looks and some folk clapped as the gang was chased away.
“As you’re hopeless at social cues, I’ll give you a durect translation of the atmosphere; You. Should. Go now!” She gave him a forced smile and judging from the look Skyscraper had on his face he was ready to argue that she was something of a female dog.
“It was not pleasant, bye!” Laura crossed the street.
She was relieved when her steps weren’t acompanied with bike’s buzzing of spinning wheels and creaking breaks.

Humans; primitive and vulgar and annoying and infuriating and- (Kinda cute?) Ugh!! : -1
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