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Rated: E · Short Story · Philosophy · #2236222
A married women runs into an old college boyfriend who tries to rekindle that old flame.
Lisa was home having her morning coffee when she got a text from her old college boyfriend, "trying to find the old

crowd and catch up things". At first she thought, wow, I wonder how Jack is doing after all this time? Then she realized

she was acting like little school girl. After all he was the captain of the football team back then and she had heard he was

doing well in the business world after graduation.

The next day she got a phone call from Jack but she didn't answer, she let it go to voicemail. That's when reality struck

her. She thought to herself, "what am I doing, I have been married for thirty five years and our anniversary is soon, I can't

talk to my old boyfriend behind Jim's back, we are totally devoted to each other".

Later when when Jim and Lisa has some quiet time after dinner she told Jim about the text messages and the phone

call. She asked him what he felt about it. After a moment Jack gave his permission for her to talk to him. He trusted her to

do the right thing.

Sure enough shortly after they started to converse Jack started to state his romantic intentions. Lisa' I have heard

some good thing about you. I always wondered how I let a catch like you get away from me. He went on to say we stayed

good friends even though both of us went our first divorce as we drifted in and out of each others lives. Lisa thought to

herself, yeah that's when I met Jim and he changed my life, put a ring on my finger and moved me to another state.

Later she told Jim of the conversation and asked him how he felt about it? Jim was obviously disturbed, even on the

verge of anger but he loved his wife deeply. even though he clearly upset he told he he would not stand in her way for

happiness even though he clearly wanted this to be gone. he was very clear and controlled that this would be her choice

and hers alone.

After thinking about the situation for a while Lisa decided. I had better end this, nothing good can come from this

situation. Shortly after she told Jack that she wished he all the best but she figured that it would be best if they both went

their own way in life, or so she thought.

Later she received another message from Jack saying asking if she was okay and safe from the corona virus. She

knew then that she would have to be more direct. Jack she said, My husband is a wonderful man and we're devoted to

each other. I don't want to dishonor him. But for that, I'd be glad to stay in touch with you, my old friend. Peace and

Blessings goodby.

Later Jim had come back from grocery shopping and told Lisa," I had a strange feeling all day. Something was wrong

somewhere. He didn’t know what". So she figured to just tell him everything, they were both upset for a moment but soon

feel into each others arms with a loving embrace.

Life is full of twist and turns, but one of the things that separate us from the animals is our ability to selflessly make

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2236222-A-MIX-OF-EMOTIONS