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Narcissa will do anything to protect her son.
The creature had been following this particular target for days. They needed to be crafty if they was going to catch one of most well known spell casters in Britain, especially as the recent onslaught on rain had clogged their senses. The only thing they could smell now was fresh grass and sulfur. Still, it was a shame her son never followed in her footsteps.

Slipping inside the cracked door of the stowaway house, the blood sucking beast followed her. There was no furniture and a musty odor filled the tiny building.

“He needs you,” Her voice, a high pitched frantic sound, spilled out into the small room. The woman was desperate. The creature smiled. There would be a mistake made soon and when that happened, the monster would report to her master. And while the blonde haired woman might not be the spy in the Dark Lord’s ranks their spilling of sacred secrets would surely cause their blood to be spilled. A feast fit for a king… or an undead creature.

Narcissa Malfoy, mother to the most pathetic boy that ever stalked the halls of Hogwarts school, stood in a dilapidated broom closet with a greasy haired dungeon bat. Severus Snape flanked her right.

“What could I do for the boy?” The pasty man drawled.

“Make an Unbreakable Vow and swear you will protect him,”

“If I must.”

Drawing their wands, the two began the incantation while the creature watched. They really were a peculiar pair. But no matter, they both would be lunch soon enough. Narcissa’s darling boy would never be able to kill Dumbledore; the bloody teacher will probably be the one to do it.

They are all traitors.

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