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Writer's Cramp entry 26OCT20
A diabetic shouldn't be exposed,
To the temptation candy represents,
Even so, I ignored the problems posed,
To facilitate these festive events.
It dulls the pain over my deceased wife,
And military son, risking his life.

Decorations up and candy bowls filled,
I wait for shadows to blend into one,
I felt anticipation quickly build,
As the parade of children had begun.
Bright costumes either gross, cute, or handsome
Each "trick or treat" was paid their due ransom.

As Halloween evening was getting late,
Comes a six-foot-tall man in pirate's mask,
"Trick or treat," he said with deep vocal grate,
"Why give a man candy, if I may ask?"
The gall of a man playing a kids game,
I dropped candy in his bag just the same.

He said, "Because this pirate is your son."
As he threw the mask high up in the air,
"My son! My son!" Oh, how deep he did stun,
His tour had ended, I was unaware.
I hugged him tight like I'd never let go,
This trick was the best treat one could bestow.

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