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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Arts · #2236317
Viola and Fred see something on their lawn.
Who Says It Has To?

Viola stood staring out the picture window of her living room, muttering to herself. Her husband Fred was passing on his way to the door to go and get the paper off the middle of the front lawn. It was no good asking the paper person to put it on the front steps or in the letter slot. It was always in the middle of the lawn.

“What’s wrong, dear?” he asked as the volume of the muttering increased.

She turned to look at him and gestured for him to come to the window and see what she was seeing. George took one look and said:

“That doesn’t make sense!”

Viola started for the front door, Fred following on her heels. The couple stepped out the door and looked up and down the street.

“What do you suppose happened?” Fred asked.

“I have no idea, but it’s very decorative, isn’t it?”

The two of them stepped onto the lawn to inspect what they were seeing. They walked around each one and smiled at them.

“Wonder what they are made of?” Viola asked.

Fred tapped one gently.

“It’s Papier Mache! Someone is very artistic with newspaper, paint and glue!”

‘Oh my yes! She cleaned her glasses and peered at the face of one. She giggled like a school girl.

“I remember the last time I was a witch. I was in Macbeth at school.”

“This one looks me! Bigfoot?” Fred exclaimed as he compared his real foot to the statue’s.

“I bet I know who did it! Who do we know that has access to a lot of newspaper and wants to be a cartoonist when he gets out of high school?”

Fred slapped his head and started to chuckle.

“Stan, our paperboy!” they said together.

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