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A nasty little tale of abuse and vengeance gone wrong
         OFP4 - 2020

          Demon Came to Our House

Daddy was a knockabout,
he knocked about my Mum;
covered her with bruises
and even broke her thumb.

Mummy practiced witchcraft
and learned to cast a spell;
drew a pretty pentagram
but didn’t draw it well.

Daddy drank rye whiskey
and raised his hand again;
betting on a showdown,
but mummy went all-in.

Mummy called a demon
and Daddy went away.
Mummy said good riddance;
the demon stayed to play.

Jumping from the fry pan,
she fell into the fire.
Mummy had to satisfy
the demon’s dark desire.

Demon whispered secrets
and blew Mummy’s mind;
vanished into darkness,
but left a seed behind.

Nine months growing later,
twinned girls come along.
Mummy calls them sweetheart,
but Granny calls it spawn.

(28 lines, quatrain abcb)
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