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People often struggle with whether or not God is real. I've decided that He IS!
Do you ever wonder if God is real? I have often pondered that question in my life, and one day some years ago, I came to terms with that question, and today, I, personally, know that God is real TO ME!

The realness of God is a personal journey, a personal experience, a personal belief built on an action that was and is personal to you. Having had several of those very personal interactions with God on my behalf, I know that He is real and walks with me daily.

I chose to divorce the devil in my life. I chose to denounce sin. I chose to take on the full armor of faith and to trust God with my life. I stopped worrying about what others think or how they perceive me. I stopped trying to be accepted in circles that did not hold the same beliefs and became perfectly alright with their choices.

I made my walk with God personal. I made God my best friend, and I chose to trust in His divine wisdom. Why? Because He had already proven that He was, is, and would remain in my life as long as I would allow Him, and that He would get me through any and everything.

No, my life is not perfect. I have ups and downs just like anyone else. I have hardships and disappointments, and I have aches and pains and sickness, and every now and then a few moments of stress. Very human indeed. My difference is that I have chosen a path that I wish to follow, and having made that choice, I do not have to remain stressed, panicky, angry, unhappy, or even bitter. Instead, I learned to let go and let God.

I even learned how to let my children go and to trust them to find their way in this world. You better believe I thought that they all should walk in my footsteps, follow my examples, and be just like me in almost every way possible. The truth is that none of them have, but all of them are carving out a life for themselves, one that I am very proud of as I watch them put forth their own perspective on life.

I have always known that people are different, and that is an awesome thing. Their differences speak to the greatness of God because He understood and understands that differences are important. Differences can allow for acceptance or rejection while at the same time building a reservoir of knowledge and information that we all need to stay safe, to learn, execute, and maintain for our own survival. However, that same knowledge and information help us appreciate that no one person is an island and that there is a need for codependency.

Does God exist? I believe we all know the answer to that question even if we have not yet defined it for ourselves. We also know that God is not a religion, nor is it a particular sect of people who have miraculously been touched and notified by some deity that they are allowed to keep wholely unto themselves. Neither is my God wrapped up in mystery, rituals, or shrouds. My God is very simplistic and accepting of people like me. People who make mistakes and ask for forgiveness. People who love all the wrong people, especially the misfits, unwanted, or undesirables. People who remain humble and approachable even in their wealth (money, mind, skills, intelligence, or whatever their wealth may be).

If you look closely at the next person you see or meet, you just might get a fleeting glance at my God since He has no respect of person in whom He may choose to dwell. Remember, He came once before, and His own people did not recognize Him.

Are you missing an opportunity each day to appreciate the realness of God?

Peace and blessings always.
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