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just some short horror stories (This was made in October and I will be adding more )
Once a year

"come on!"
yelled my best friend Sofia. I do not know why she was in such a rush to get to the graveyard. we come here every year on Halloween she produced the stupid tradition.
" Ronnie hurry up you're taking so long."
Dragging out the words so and long.
"Maybe you should slow down,"
I reply as I walk a little faster to her, so she will not complain again. We settle down and sit under our tree on the hill, we chose this spot because you can see the whole graveyard from up here. The only unsettling thing is that the forest is behind us which really sucks because it is too dark to see in there.
"Sofia why couldn't we just do this in the morning?"
Sofia turned to me with a confused face
"because then it won't be as scary as it should be on Halloween night."
I sighed knowing there is no convincing her to change the tradition. we sit there for about 10 minutes telling scary stories to freak each other out and laughing at how stupid we are and then I heard a branch snap from behind us.

I look at Sofia as she whispers,
"probably just a deer or something don't freak out."
I nod in agreement as she tries to help me not freak out. we sit there joking about how I got scared over a little noise, but then I see a silhouette of a man staring at us from the woods behind Sofia. I quickly grab her hand and tell her
"don't freak out but we need to go now."
In sly motion, I tug her hand a little as she replies,
" stop trying to mess with me."
I whisper back " I'm not joking around someone is watching us."
I pull her up as we try to walk quickly away, then we hear the man running from the trees to us.

I yell to Sofia as we book it to the exit. Suddenly a large hand grabs my arm and tries to pull me back. I panic and stomp on his foot allowing me to get away. We are almost out of the graveyard but then Sofia stops running and points to the exit where there are two more silhouettes of guys waiting for us.
Sofia grabs my hand and runs back to our tree avoiding the first guy but then she trips dragging us both down.
"come on get up"
I say as I pull her up to her feet. looking around for a place to run to but then Sofia’s pulled out of my hands and see her in one of the man's hands. I try to pull her back but then someone grabs me and throws me on the ground.
"What do you want from us we're only kids"
yells Sofia as one of the men walk towards us then says
"you won't have to come here once a year.."
he pauses
"..now you'll be here all year long."
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