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Conrad makes a decision.
The Gift

Conrad, bent with the years and his secret, assembled the wood he’d cut and shaped. When finished, he began to sand it to smoothness. Finally, he covered the outside in a silver hammered finish.

He shouldered the box and carried it outside. He laid the bottom half in the hole he’d dug. Weighed down by his decision, he trudged back to the mansion he’d built for her so long ago.

Going up the spiral staircase she’d insisted on, he entered their bedroom.

“Good morning my love,” he whispered. No sound.

Finding her velvet cape with the ermine lining, he wrapped her in it. Then Conrad carried her to the box in the hole. He laid her in her half of it then searched in his greatcoat’s pockets

Finding what he carried for this moment, he took it in one hand and his mallet in the other. Pressing the wooden piece to her chest, he hammered it in with one blow. Although he’d prepared, Conrad cried out when she screamed.

Wearily, the old man took a flask of poison from a pocket and drank it as he laid down in his half of the box. He managed to slide the lid on until the double box was covered. He took one last look at his beloved Serena.

“Goodbye, my heart!”

Conrad had protected Serena since she’d become a vampire. He’d raised animals to feed her their blood so she wouldn’t have to hunt. He became afraid to leave her alone as he got older, so he’d planned that they would end life together.

A slender hand reached up and pulled out the stake.

“My love, how could you miss my heart?” Serena asked softly as she pushed off the lid enough to get out and slid it back on.

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